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Home Gossip Why Did Catt Sadler Quit E! News, How Much Is Her Net Worth? Her Salary, Career and Awards

Why Did Catt Sadler Quit E! News, How Much Is Her Net Worth? Her Salary, Career and Awards

Sabina Gartaula Thu Dec, 2017
Why Did Catt Sadler Quit E! News, How Much Is Her Net Worth? Her Salary, Career and Awards

Catt Sadler is an American anchor and broadcast journalist. She is best known for her appearance as an anchor on E! News, E! News Weekend and Daily Pop. She previously worked as the host on The Daily 10, but the show was later canceled. According to Los Angeles Times, she is one of the top 10 up-and-coming broadcasters in the entertainment industry. 

Born on 24th August 1974, the 43-year-old is from Martinsville, Indiana and has a degree in journalism from Indiana University. She started her career as a host through WXIN, which is affiliated to Fox. She hosted a segment called Youth Matters on a weekly basis. She later moved to California. 

Today in this section, we are going to take a look at her net worth and salary. Further, we will also talk about her career struggles and many more.

How much is journalist Catt Sadler's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Catt Sadler is $2.5 million. The single mother of two kids earned the sum by working in the field for more than two decades. She is also a proud owner of an Academy Award and an Emmy Award


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Apart from her net worth, there is not much information regarding the earnings of the journalist. However, recently, the journalist has stirred up some controversy. Know more about it below. 

Catt Sadler quits E! over pay dispute

Catt Sadler worked for E! Network for more than a year. However, she has not been seen on the Network for a while. She recently shared through her Twitter that she had quit the network on 19th December 2017. In the Twitter post, she said that it was her last day in the network.

She decided to quit the network after she found out that her co-worker Jason Kennedy, who joined the company around the same time, was paid double of what she was paid. 

Her contract with the company was about to expire, so, she demanded as much salary as her co-worker, but E! did not agree to pay anything near Jason. This made her feel unfair, and she decided to quit her job. 

Watch Catt on E! Daily Pop

She decided to part ways with the company even though it was her dream job. She also shared that it was the best job ever and loved it and that parting away was very hard. She thought it would be unfair not only to her but all working women over the world if she didn't speak. 

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She later shared that doing so has made her feel empowered and that she is very happy. She also added that she has nothing against her co-worker, Jason Kennedy. In fact, she loved him like a brother, and her feud was only with the company. 

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