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Home Gossip Why Diane Sawyer left "ABC News World". "Hidden facts of her personal life".

Why Diane Sawyer left "ABC News World". "Hidden facts of her personal life".

Richa Wed May, 2016
Why Diane Sawyer left

Lila Diane Sawyer, better known as Diane Sawyer, has a major reason for maintaining a private life as she believes making personal life public gets her to face many questions in the media. Well! Being an American news journalist, she is earning a wealthy net worth as she was also an anchor at ABC News but now she is no more the ABC anchors but still is associated with the television and one of the major reasons for leaving the show is because of her busy schedule.

Also working in Primetime newsmagazine, she has been highlighted with her reporting and getting many new projects and new offer within the year made her leave the news anchor chair from “ABC News World”. But she is also thinking to rejoin it, however, there is not any clear fact behind this news.

Let's get down to her personal life.

Diane Sawyer left the anchor chair at ABC News Channel

It was announced back in September 2014, that Diane will no more work as an anchor for the ABC News Channel, but at the same time, it has been revealed that she will stay at ABC.

Diane was also associated with NBC World News. From the early age, she was interested in the field of journalism. She is a Columbine, and mostly, she loves proceeding nightly news as it can also be said her hobby.

The former ABC News Channel anchor Diane Sawyer

The former ABC News Channel anchor Diane Sawyer

Source: People

Let's talk about Diane Sawyer personal life.

Diane Sawyer; Love Affairs and Relationship Status

Looking to her hidden facts of life, it can be seen that she is single for now but previously during the year 1986 till 2014, she was in a marital relationship with Mike Nicholas. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in the year 2014 following the demise of her husband Mike.

Diane Sawyer with her late husband Mike Nichols

Diane Sawyer with her late husband Mike Nichols

Source: Glamour

She also had an encounter with Warren Beatty as well as Charlie Wilson. However, it's unclear whether they were in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Diane Sawyer. She was also linked with Bill Bradley and she and Bill were also spotted in public venues where they were rumored to get married but she jumped into love with Richard Holbrooke.

Diane Sawyer reportedly has had several affairs and relationships

Diane Sawyer reportedly has had several affairs and relationships

Source: Style Bistro

From the year 1980 till 1987, Diane Sawyer and Richard Holbrooke were in a healthy love affair but the pair never went on the tied the knot and never she mentioned him as her husband. Bruce Jenner was also the name that was ever attached to Diane's name.

But this also did not take any ultimate dimension at all. However, whether she is now single or not can be clearly stated as she is still been visible with one of the celebrity time and again. Hope soon we get to find out her relationship status.

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