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Home Gossip Who's Courtney Friel's new boyfriend after divorcing her husband Carter Evans with 2 children

Who's Courtney Friel's new boyfriend after divorcing her husband Carter Evans with 2 children

abhilasha Fri Nov, 2016
Who's Courtney Friel's new boyfriend after divorcing her husband Carter Evans with 2 children

Courtney Friel the KTLA beauty seems to be single now as she has recently got divorced with her husband Carter Evans. The mother of two children had to get separated from her husband Carter after many years of their marriage.Their first boy was born in 2011.

But Courtney Friel the American journalist is an independent woman and she has the command to lead her children's life. We won't say it was a bad decision to get separated when the relationship goes off the track but what do you think was the reason for Courtney Friel to make such a big and life changing decision. According to our guess maybe she has a boyfriend as she still looks young and vibrant.

Courtney Friel successfully landed to KTLA television in Los Angeles in 2013 and has been making a great career. She is now a well-established journalist of America who has not only achieved brilliant journalistic career but also has marked her named being in various beauty pageants.  She has also given many bikini poses as a model.

Courtney Friel and Carter Evans

Courtney Friel's divorce with her husband Carter Evans


Courtney Friel and Carter Evans met while in San Diego. They were in love relationship for quite a long time. Finally, after dating and knowing each other well this pair decided to get married in the year 2005. Carter Evans like Courtney Friel is also a media person. He first started as a freelance reporter and photographer in KGMB and worked for this group for almost two years. Then gradually working for many media house like WAVY-TV 10, KNSD, WWOR-TV 9 and so on he became the correspondent of CBS News. Carter had worked for CNN as a business correspondent too.


So both being a media person and busy in their work may be they could not give each other enough time which might have harmed their relationship. But Courtney Friel and Carter Evans both have not been quiet open about their matter of divorce. As it is for sure that getting separated after eleven years of married life is a big matter.



Getting *FOXY* at @FoxNews! ???? in @nuebyshani #FirstKissyFacePic #KeepItFriel #RedEyeTonight

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Seeing Courtney Friel social media especially going through her Instagram it's hard to say that she wasn’t happy with her family life. A woman who loves her children so much how could she separate them from their father? So what do you think was it Carter fault for the divorce or was it, Courtney Friels'? But as we go through Courtney Friel's Instagram we could hardly find a picture of Carter. Perhaps this couple had made the decision to get break up their marriage relationship.


We didn’t even find Courtney Friel being or hanging around with another male whom she is romantically involved with. Anyways she has now turned to be a successful independent single mother who is happy with her two children and we hope that her happiness always remains the same.