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Home Gossip Who Is Molly Gordon Dating Currently? Know In Detail About Her Affairs and Relationship

Who Is Molly Gordon Dating Currently? Know In Detail About Her Affairs and Relationship

Sabina Gartaula Tue May, 2018
Who Is Molly Gordon Dating Currently? Know In Detail About Her Affairs and Relationship

Molly Gordon is a 22-year-old actress, who despite her young age is compared to top actors in Hollywood. All thanks to her dedication towards acting. The actress is best known for her role as Maddie in Life of the Party. She is also recognized for her guest appearance in an episode of Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

The gorgeous actress is eyed by many people because of her irresistible looks. Sorry to break the news to all the crazy fans out there, but she is in a relationship and seems to be genuinely in love.

Let’s find out more about her relationships and her other affairs.

Who Is Molly Gordon Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Gordon is currently dating Nick Lieberman, and they have been dating for quite some time now. They look adorable together, and it is shocking how there is no news about them.

We are unsure when the couple exactly started dating, but according to sources, they have been dating for some time now and are serious about it.

The pair is not very vocal when it comes to their relationship, which might be the reason why they are not the center of attention right now. Well, compared to the past, the couple has changed with time.

When you head to Nick’s Instagram, you will see that he loves to flaunt pictures of his beau and the time they are spending together. There are so many pictures of the adorable couple on his Instagram, and we just cannot get enough of them.

Gordon, on the other hand, keeps her relationship very low profile and there are a very few pictures of her beau on her Instagram.

Even though she does not show off her beau on Instagram, she does attend events together with him. 


Happy birthday to my favorite person @nicky_spaghetti! I love you

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Nonetheless, they are the cutest couple, and we hope that they soon decide to take this relationship to a whole new level.

Molly Gordon Past Relationships And Affairs

As we have mentioned above, Gordon keeps her personal life very low profile. It was just recently that she has started uploading pictures of her beau.

So, you can imagine yourself how confidential she was about her past affairs when she was young and focusing on her career more.


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All we are trying to say is that there are no reports of her previous relationship or dating a man. She is a very work dedicated person, and that is what has helped her reach the position she is in right now.

We wish her all the very best in her relationship and career.