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Home Gossip Who Is Lindsay Ellis' Husband? Get To Know About Her Wedding And Past Affairs

Who Is Lindsay Ellis' Husband? Get To Know About Her Wedding And Past Affairs

Chandra Rana Wed Jan, 2019
Who Is Lindsay Ellis' Husband?  Get To Know About Her Wedding And Past Affairs

Lindsay Ellis, an American media and film critic, is also a YouTube content creator and videographer with over 544K subscribers on her self-titled channel. These days, apart from her critics, the 34-year-old media sensation has many gravitate towards her, all with questions and curiosities regarding her secret marriage.

Well, Ellis is now a married woman but unlike her transparent professional career, her love life turns out quite hazy. Soon after her marriage report landed in the mid-2018, fans are craving to know the detail of Lindsay's married life, husband, & relationship. Let the feast begin.

Lindsay Ellis Is Married, Who Is Her Husband?

To tease the curiosity of fans is the trend-turned-tradition for many celebrities over the years and it seems, Lindsay is no exception.

Well, the former Nostalgia Chick for is a married woman. But regarding her wedding details and husband, Ellis seems quite cautious.

As reported, Ellis exchanged vows with her husband in June 2018, which was confirmed via Twitter soon after the wedding. 

By far, the detail on Ellis' wedding venue and the exact date of the wedding is not out. But some of her guests reportedly include her close friends Elisa HansenMikey Neumann‏, and many others.

Here is the video from the wedding night of Ellis.

If we surf through Lindsay's wedding photos, none of them shows her husband, except one. However, she has covered the face of her husband, keeping the identity a secret.

CAPTION: Lindsay Ellis' husband identity is a secret SOURCE: Twitter

Hope she will reveal it to the public in near future.

Lindsay's Secret But Blissful Married Life

Lindsay, who is close friends with fellow critic Doug Walker, knows well to keep her personal life secret.

Even though her marriage and husband detail is not out, Lindsay Ellis never misses mentioning about her spouse on her Twitter, where her followers count 138K.

Check it out!

No doubt, as her sweet Tweet depicts, Lindsay enjoys a healthy and blissful married life.

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Do They Have Plans For Children?

Meanwhile, as of January 2019, it's been over 7 months since her marriage. However, Lindsay Ellis and her mysterious husband don't seem hasty to have children.

By far, no reports on their plans for children are out.

Past Affairs & Relationship

Well, the American film critic Lindsay Ellis does have a record of her past affair.

Prior to her marriage, she was in a relationship and unlike her spouse, Lindsay's ex-boyfriend's identity is revealed.

He is none other than Ellis' fellow reviewer Todd Nathanson, better known as Todd In The Shadows. Sadly, the information about their relationship and break-up is in the shadows.

For a fact, the former duo is still good friends.

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Summary of Lindsay Elli's Relationship

Is Lindsay Ellis Married?

Yeah, Lindsay Ellis is a married woman. She exchanged vows in June 2018 at a private wedding.

Who is Lindsay Ellis' husband?

The identity of Lindsay Ellis' husband is kept secret, she often mentions her husband on Twitter.

How old is Lindsay Ellis?

As of January 2019, Ellis is 34-year-old.

Does Lindsay Ellis have Children?

No, she is yet to share children.

Who is Lindsay Ellis boyfriend?

Currently, she is married to her secret husband but previously dated ex-boyfriend Todd Nathanson.

Fun fact: Lindsay's wedding news came up after a month YouTube Star PewDiePie proposed his Girlfriend Marzia Bisognin in April 2018.