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Home Gossip Who Is Lilypichu Dating Currently? Know About Her Boyfriend, Affairs & Past Relationship

Who Is Lilypichu Dating Currently? Know About Her Boyfriend, Affairs & Past Relationship

Chandra Rana Thu Nov, 2018
Who Is Lilypichu Dating Currently? Know About Her Boyfriend, Affairs & Past Relationship

Lilypichu, an American-born YouTube star, is famous as a YouTube animator on her self-titled channel with over 1.62 million subscribers. 27-year-old Lilypichu specializes in the online game League of Legends.

Born as Lily Ki, the United States based YouTuber has gained a huge fan-following and many are already curious about her love life and relationships. Lilypichu is currently alleged to be dating her fellow YouTuber, Albert Chang. So, what's the truth about her relationship? Let's know more about Lilypichu's datings, boyfriend, and affairs.

Is Lilypichu Dating? Her Current Relationship

Lilypichu, who calls herself single, is now alleged to be in a relationship with none other than Albert Chang. Chang is a popular musician on YouTube, to be exact, a Violinist.

Since her break-up with her YouTuber-boyfriend George Georgallidis, Lilypichu had kept her love life away from the media, however, her recent frequent appearance with Albert has once again raised questions on her current relationship stature.

CAPTION: YouTuber Lilypichu SOURCE: Height Line

As of 2018, Lilypichu is alleged to be dating her boyfriend. Surfing through her Instagram, Lily can be seen sharing tons of photos together with the YouTube musician. But she is yet to confirm if she is in a relationship with him.

Also, in one of her posts of October 7, 2018, Lily mentioned Albert aka. sleightlymusical as her blub. Check this out!

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my blub

A post shared by lily(@lilypichu) on

While Lilypichu shares her adorable posts with her alleged boyfriend Albert Chang, he also doesn't lag behind to show his affection for this beautiful animator.

On October 23, 2018, during the promotion of the dating app EastMeetEast, Chang and Lilypichu made a unique appearance together. Probably hinting on their relationship.

Despite all these appearances and allegations about her relationship, Lilypichu has not made any confirmation.

In her Tweet of February 26, 2018, she stated about the trouble a public figure has to face, mostly when it concerns love life. 

But this time, with her coziness with her fellow YouTuber Chang, Lilypichu, though she has not officially stated, has given a proper hint about her relationship.

Let's wait for the further updates.

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Lilypichu's Past Affairs

Even if Liliypichu has kept herself low profile regarding her past relationship, there are a few reports on her past affairs.

As reported, Lilypichu once dated the owner and former player for Counter Logic Gaming, George Georgallidis. However, the detail on their dating or courtship is yet to be disclosed.

CAPTION: Lilypichu and her former boyfriend George SOURCE: Amino Apps

Sources claim that the couple broke up in the summer of 2017 without disclosing the reason for their separation. But it seems they are still good friends. Check out their tweets.

CAPTION: Lilypichu broke up with boyfriend George SOURCE: Pretty Ugly Little Liar
CAPTION: Lilypichu's former boyfriend talked on their break-up SOURCE: Pretty Ugly Little Liar

Regarding her break-up, Lilypichu posted on Instagram labeling herself 'single' on May 11, 2017.

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single now but at least I have a full body mirror so I can spam low quality pics of my outfits i guess I got that going for me

A post shared by lily(@lilypichu) on

While Lilypichu has made headlines with her alleged relationship, Geroge seems to be silent on his relationship meanwhile.

We wish them best for further.