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Home Gossip Who Is Korean-American Singer Jay Park's Girlfriend? His Past Affairs & Dating

Who Is Korean-American Singer Jay Park's Girlfriend? His Past Affairs & Dating

Shree Krishna Fri Dec, 2018
Who Is Korean-American Singer Jay Park's Girlfriend? His Past Affairs & Dating

Regardless of race, skin color, age, and culture, a relationship is built on the very essence of trust and commitment. Similarly, perseverance and care help keep a relationship on a healthy note. But too much of attention can shed your relationship to dust. And this is exactly what happened to Korean American singer, songwriter, Jay Park.

Speaking during a talk show, Taxi, Jay Part revealed what cost him his previous girlfriend. So, is the singer cum actor dating post the breakup? Find out about his relationship status at present and her past love affairs.

Find out about his personal life in this article.

Korean American Singer Jay Park Dating at Present?

Jay Park is currently single. Talking of his dating life during an episode of the South-Korean talks show Taxi, the All I Wanna Do singer claimed he is not dating anyone and for a long time now.

Jay further mentioned it's time for him to focus on his career rather than being in a relationship.

When asked about his thoughts on marriage, he stated he is quite busy at the moment and is busy with his projects and isn't thinking about getting married any sooner. He further mentioned he would love to keep his personal life to himself and not discuss with others.

CAPTION: Korean American singer cum actor, Jay Park SOURCE: Twitter

However, he hinted on his ideal lady, he would love to date. The 31-year old singer said,

I'm not the type who falls head over heels at first sight. I'd like to get to know the person first. Whether it be a girl, family member or friend, I believe making time and pouring out one's efforts and focus is the act of true love.

While the hosts, Lee Young-Ja and Oh Man-Seok asked him to shed lights on his past affairs, Jay mentioned of being in a relationship with a Korean lady. 

Jay Park's Past Affair: Dated a Korean Girl

Jay Park, who is famed for his versatility in the industry, has had a delightful love experience. The actor cum singer, who is a million club boy, shared how the public attention cost him his relationship. Speaking to Taxi, he revealed,

No. I usually don’t talk about my love life. However, I am willing to talk about my first love.

He opened up hesitating!

I dated this girl for about a year and half in Korea. At the time, I didn’t have any friends because I just arrived from U.S., so I became obsessed with her. I liked her more than she liked me.

I used to call her and text her every day. If she didn’t reply, I went to her house. I never forgot to get her favorite ice cream and food.

When asked if he was an ideal guy himself to be a date, he revealed,

I used to be a nice guy, but now, I am a bit of a bad boy.

CAPTION: Jay Park calls himself as a 'bad guy' SOURCE: Power Animals

Though Jay kept the identity of his then-partner a secret, he didn't hesitate on stating he was obsessive towards the relationship, which ultimately ended it. 

Hope the singer soon finds his ideal partner. For more updates keep on visiting Frostsnow.

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