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Home Gossip Who is Tyne-Lexy Clarson Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Who is Tyne-Lexy Clarson Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Shree Krishna Sun Jul, 2017
Who is Tyne-Lexy Clarson Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

The TV reality series LOVE Island member Tyne-Lexy Clarkson couldn't pair up with her boyfriend Harley Judge inside the villa due to the fact that Harley was evicted earlier when Tyne even hadn't entered the show. But the couple is carving their love relationship outside the villa. You just can't help falling in love when it's destined! Can you?

And no matter how hard we try to avoid falling in love, eventually we will fall in love. The same seems to be the case of this couple. Though the pair didn't get to cross each other's path inside the villa, they are catching up outside afterward.
If you are a fan of the TV reality show LOVE Island, you obviously are well known with these faces but do you know about the chemistry of these two? And more over what's going on between the lovebirds? We have the answers here.

Tyne- Lexy's Relationship with her boyfriend, Harley Judge.

Tyne, 20, and Harley, 22, both couldn't make it long in the villa. So what was next in the store for the couple?

Do THESE photos prove dumped Love Island stars Harley Judge and Tyne-Lexy Clarson are dating?

The LOVE Island evicted! Tyne-Lexy Clarkson and Harley Judge are dating each other after being pulled out of the villa

Source: Now Magazine

Though Tyne-Lexy made it to the villa with the hope of finding love and a MissPap Instagram deal, she got dumped off in just two weeks after her partner Jonny chose to team-up with Camilla.

And Harley was the first among the group members to be voted off after he was rejected by both Amber and Chole, so all and all he and Tyne never actually met on the show. 

Both Harley and Tyne failed to find their match inside the villa and while leaving the villa, in a video he admitted;

It's nice to know other girls fancy me, just because I haven't found anyone in there doesn't mean I won't on the outside.

Also check out the video here.

His words came true after enjoying a romantic "date night" on the last Friday of June with Tyne-Lexy which in a way brought the couple to find a match in between them. 

The rumors of their relationship sparked soon after Tyne-Lexy shared a picture of Harley back from the "date night" with the caption, "Guess who.....#loveisland #datenight," followed by some cute emojis.


Guess who .... #loveisland #datenight ??????????

A post shared by Tyne-Lexy Clarson (@tyne_lexy_clarson) on

Oh! just look at Harley's face, he obviously has enjoyed the night out with Tyne-Lexy. Well, who wouldn't after having someone this beautiful to date?

On the same day, Harley also took it to Twitter to make sure he values his time with Tyne-Lexy with the caption, "Date night.....guess who#LoveIsland."


???? #loveisland

A post shared by Harley Judge (@harley_judge) on

The following day Teny-Lexy shared yet another picture With Harley's hand on her thigh while she nuzzled close to her boyfriend.


Looking forward to watching tonight's @loveisland then aftersun with the fabulous @carolineflack ??????????? #loveisland

A post shared by Tyne-Lexy Clarson (@tyne_lexy_clarson) on

The couple looked cozy and comfortable together!

The fans of ITV2 show went wild with the rumors and were quick to express their love for the couple as one wrote:

"You two look absolutely gorgeous together, if only you two were on love island together you could have gone all the way and won."

While another added:

"Now, this would have been a winning couple....they need to go back in."

Indeed their bond is so cute! And they together make an adorable couple, isn't it?

We hope that's not all for the couple and hope there's more good to come in their relationship. Till then fingers crossed.

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