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Home Gossip Who is the American stand-up comedian Louie Anderson dating currently?

Who is the American stand-up comedian Louie Anderson dating currently?

Richa Sun Apr, 2016
Who is the American stand-up comedian Louie Anderson dating currently?

'Life of Louie' American actor Louie Anderson is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Louie is professionally recognized as a stand-up comedian as well as a television host. As soon as he created 'Life with Louie', which is a popular cartoon series, his popularity soared up.

Let's learn in detail about his love life, affairs and relationship. Just stay with us.

Louie Anderson Love Affairs, and relationship

Louie's personal information is totally kept personal therefore plenty of his stories are not shared among his fans. Delivering best presentation among his followers, Louie Anderson is able to collect a presentable amount of net worth because of which he is successful in his salary and earning exclusively. Louie has not suffered from any controversies yet.

American Actor Louie Anderson

American Actor Louie Anderson

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Louie has a very interesting love life. It is said that though he got married with his high school love in 1985, he got a divorce with the lady after 4 weeks of being married. The reason for their divorce is unknown but he said getting married and having an affair is totally different stories of life. In current time, he is not dating any one though he is said to have an affair. According to Louie, this is the time when he has to focus on his career and make himself more professional rather falling in love and getting married.

Louie Anderson With his wife

Louie Anderson With his wife

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Louie though is rumored to be a gay but the actor was quick to deny such claim citing them as unreasonable and ludicrous. Louie is straight and he is addicted to playing basketball. He was also a part of a local team during his high school and at the very time, he met his sweetheart with whom he married later.

Video: Louie Anderson Performs Stand-up

But due to a number of conflicts and misunderstanding, the couple ended their married life. Louie is a very positive person and he is optimistic in person. Louie loves cooking and he is very good at making pasta. Louie is also planning to establish his own restaurant very soon. We wish him success in his future endeavors.