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Home Gossip Who Is Tanya Hyjazi? Is She Married Or Dating Boyfriend After Breaking up with Chumlee?

Who Is Tanya Hyjazi? Is She Married Or Dating Boyfriend After Breaking up with Chumlee?

Mahammad Arsad shekh Mon Feb, 2017
Who Is Tanya Hyjazi? Is She Married Or Dating Boyfriend After Breaking up with Chumlee?

The complicated relationship between Tanya Hyjazia chef for a major Las Vegas casino and her boyfriend Pawn Stars' Chumlee made the headlines in 2016, following Chumlee's arrest in relation to a sexual assault investigation.

Though the couple was meant to be together, in August 2018, Chumlee's engagement with his girlfriend Olivia shocked all. So, what about the current relationship status of Tanya Hyjazi? Let's know her datings, affairs, and relationship along with the engagement of Chumlee.

Tanya Hyjazi relationship with Chumlee

As being an actor as well as a businessperson, Chumlee whose birth name is Austin Russell sold off half of the company to the Harrisons for efficient supply of goods after a great success in his reality show Pawn Stars 2010

The Pawn Stars' actor Chumlee was dating his girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi after they met in 2013 and was romantically linked with the gorgeous for the longtime.

Tanya works as a chef at a Lebanese restaurant in Vegas.

Tanya Hyjazi with her boyfriend

After three years of meeting for the first time, Chumlee began dating his girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi. Some sources say that the couple first started their relationship as friends when they met at Tanya's birthday party.

They spent a lot of time with each other in various places and were also spotted at The D Hotel, he gifted her a cake shaped like a Louis Vuitton bowling ball bag and proposed her.

Chumlee with his girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi

Chumlee with his girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi  Source: eonline

As soon as he proposed to her, Tanya subsequently said yes which caused the beginning of an innocent and strong love story as their relationship turned from just friends to two lovebirds.

In respect to that, Tanya was also doing her part in the relationship. As she was a chef, she charted out a diet plan for her love which reduced the Pawn Stars' weight by over 70 pounds in a year. 

Chumlee relationship failure with Tanya

Their relationship was going in such a romantic way that Tanya and Chumlee were just thinking of getting married to each other. But unfortunately, Chumlee had a hankering for some illegal substances.

Cops found methamphetamines, marijuana, and several guns in his home while conducting the search but he eventually was arrested for an alleged sexual assault case on 9 March 2016.

It's strange but true that the police took Chumlee into custody on weapons and drug charges, but the rumor is, according to TMZ, the investigation is related to a sexual assault.

Video: 'Pawn Stars' 9Chumlee arrested after sexual assault raid

Chumlee was taken into custody and booked for drug and weapon possession.

Tanya and Chumlee were engaged with such a strong relationship that even though her boyfriend Chumlee was under the custody of police in the prison, Tanya still seemed to be waiting for Chumlee.

The famed reality TV star was dating Tanya but, ever since his involvement in the sexual allegations, there has been no news of the couple being spotted together or anything like that.

After 2016, the Tanya and Chumlee are not seen together which later proved their break-up after Chumlee flashed his engagement news in 2018.

And talking about Tanya's current relationship status, no reports on her datings are out yet.

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Tanya Hyjazi's Ex-Boyfriend Chumlee is Engaged!

In August 2018, the Pawn Stars' Chumlee revealed his engagement with his new girlfriend Olivia. Chumlee along with his fiance dined at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in downtown Las Vegas joined by her family and his brother.

Along with his engagement news, Chumlee flashed out his new physique after his gastric sleeve surgery. Reportedly, initially 344 lbs, Chumlee was able to get to 305 after the surgery.

In August 2018, he was merely 230 lbs losing 114 lbs from where he started 12 months ago!

Stay tuned for updates.

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