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Home Gossip Shannon Bream and Husband Sheldon Bream's Married Life - No Kid's Though

Shannon Bream and Husband Sheldon Bream's Married Life - No Kid's Though

aisha Thu Sep, 2019
Shannon Bream and Husband Sheldon Bream's Married Life - No Kid's Though

The American journalist, Shannon Bream is married to Sheldon Bream who is also a journalist in the show The Fox since 1995. Both Shannon and Sheldon met at Liberty University while graduating and got into a relationship for 2 years, and right after graduation, they got married. 

Shannon's real name was Shannon Noelle Depuy but after marriage, she changed it after her husband's name by Shannon Bream. 

Husband - Sheldon Bream

Shannon Bream's husband Sheldon was born on 23rd December 1970 in America. He studied at Liberty University with a Bachelor's degree in Sports Management and Business. As there isn't appropriate information about his carrer before graduating but in 2005 Sheldon started to work as a Director of Bureau Relations in the journalist field.

Apart from being a journalist, Sheldon is a businessman in Washington, D.C. He then joined the Washington Speakers Bureau which was known as the revolutionary lecture industry. 

Both pair were in in the field of the journalist as Shannon became very popular while serving Fox News and Sheldon after serving for 13 years in the Bureau he established his own company named Bread Speaker Management and started his own career in April 2018 and has a total $2million net worth with $100000 salary from a show The Kelly, as it hasn't been confirmed about his net worth. 

Married Life of Bream Couple

Shannon CAPTION: Shannon and Sheldon in their marriage SOURCE:

The couple has been together for 24years since their marriage. Both couples enjoy their married life as we can see their love through social media.

There were many ups and downs throughout their life but one of the major impacts was when Sheldon was a victim of brain tumors. It was when Sheldon was 24 years old and they were planning about their wedding. Shannon said that it was a very tough time for both of them while they were thinking about how to survive through this. 

Shannon was apart from Sheldon for six months but after six months of surgeries, Sheldon was free from the facial paralysis and both shared a joyful moment in pizza hut hugging each other with tears in their eyes. 

No Babies Yet

Despite the marriage have been for decades Shannon and Sheldon Bream have no children so far. As both agreed to focus on their career rather than starting a family but they have 4 legged animals named Jasper whom they love very much.

It seems that Shannon doesn't want to be a mother so the power couple doesn't have any children till now. so both couple has supported each other decision.

Successful Marriage

Shannon CAPTION: Shannon with her husband Sheldon SOURCE: Answersafrica

Recently Shannon has interviewed Sheldon in Fox News after the release of her book "Finding the bright side". Sheldon said that it was a tough time for him cause in the same year his father died and he was diagnosed with brain tumors. 

In the show, the couple has shared the secret about their successful marriage. While Shannon asked how did they manage to stay for 24 years. Sheldon replied by saying "Just fighting nice not fighting but we disagree, we do it in a way that's not hurtful to each other" while Shannon added that "you trying to say that we are on the same team and doesn't want to say things that they can't take back". 

Lastly, Shannon said so you put up with a lot but thanks for doing it and he really is my midnight hero every night, love ya".

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