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Home Gossip Who is Sean Hannity's Wife? Know about Hannity's Married Life and Relationship

Who is Sean Hannity's Wife? Know about Hannity's Married Life and Relationship

Monika rana Sun Jul, 2017
Who is Sean Hannity's Wife? Know about Hannity's Married Life and Relationship

Love, understanding, and trust are the ingredients for a stronger relationship. And this couple has wisely used these ingredients to create a happy family. You might be thinking who are we talking about? For your kind information, they are none other than Fox News Superstar Sean Hannity and his lovely wife Jill Rhodes

The host of Fox News, Sean Hannity is married to Jill Rhodes since 1993 and have two kids, son Patrick, 19, and daughter Merri Kelly, 16. At present, the happy Hannity family lives in New York City.

Despite Sean was recently accused of sexual harassment, he and his wife Jill showed no sign of dispute or divorce. As claimed by Debbie Schlussel, a former regular guest on Swan's show alleged him for harassing her. Sean asserts the statement as false. However, Jill refuses to comment on this matter and didn't say anything about the issue.

Aren't you interested to know about his personal life and his issue of sexual harassment? If you are, read the full story below and find out:

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How did Sean Hannity first meet his wife Jill Rhodes?

According to People, Sean met Jill in Alabama while he was working for an event of WVNN. Jill had graduated in journalism from the University of Alabama, where she worked as a political columnist for Huntsville Times.

At that time, Hannity would "regale" Rhodes with his frequent voice message and finally, it all came together when they combined at a mayoral debate he organized.

JIll Rhodes and her husband Sean Hannity

Jill with her husband Sean
Source: Printest

Rhodes told to People: 

I looked at his face and I said, ‘That is the man I’m going to marry.’

When did Sean and Jill got married?

However, after dating for less than a year, they decided to turn their love affair into a marriage. Their relationship quickly developed as Jill and Sean both belong to the same profession. 

They got married in 1993. After their wedding, they moved to live in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple is blessed with two kids, son Patrick Hannity, and daughter Merri Kelly.

They have been living with their two children in their $3.6 million 5-bedroom home, located in Lloyd Neck, New York.

Jill Rhodes with her children

Jill with her children Patrick and  Merri Kelly

Source: Printest

This family looks perfect but reportedly, they are facing lots of problems. You might know that Sean is accused of Sexual harassment. After this case, many of you may be thinking about the emotional status of Sean's life Jill Rhodes.

As sexual cases are a very serious issue in any woman's life, any female who finds her husband getting involved in things like these would leave him immediately. But, did she divorced Sean? No, she didn't.

First of all was the sexual harassment accusation true? Let's know about it.

Sean Hannity guilty of sexual harassment?

The rumor against Hannity for sexually harassing his former regular guest on his show, Debbie Schlussel threatened his happily married life.

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Many media outlets reported that the conservative commentator, Debbie Schlussel, claimed that she was sexually harassed by Sean but in an interview with Newsweek on Monday morning, Schlussel says:

I never used the word ‘sexual harassment’ in the radio interview.

She says,

The host ask me a compound question where he said,"Were you ever sexually harassed or made to feel uncomfortable by Bill O'Reilly or any other Fox News Host.

She added,

My response was in response to made to feel an uncomfortable part.

Schlussel further added,"
I felt very uncomfortable and creeped out by Sean Hannity on several occasions, but it’s not accurate to say that I was sexually harassed.
And this clears that Hannity had not sexually harassed Schlussel. 
Sean Hannity with his family
Sean Hannity with his family

 Source: Printest

As the rumor against Sean made his personal life very hard, Sean was able to gain back his family's trust and got his family support. Hence, the family is still living together. We hope this lovely couple will be together forever.

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