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Home Gossip Who is Sandra Prikker Dating Currently? Is she Single? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Who is Sandra Prikker Dating Currently? Is she Single? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Chandra Rana Sat Nov, 2017
Who is Sandra Prikker Dating Currently? Is she Single? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Everyone is fond of health and fitness these days. With increasing level of awareness about these issues, fitness models have become household names. Sandra Prikker, famous as a fitness model and personal trainer, has been a role model for youngsters for her fitness tips and ideas.

But along with increasing popularity, people have become more curious about her personal life and relationships. Who is she dating? What about her past relationships? Is she still single like Karena Dawn

Today, on Frostsnow, we are going to talk about the private life of this fitness diva. Scroll down to read more. 

Sandra's past relationships

Sandra was in a relationship with Tavi Castro, also a bodybuilder, but they broke up. The reason for their split is a controversy. Some sources claim that she was harassed by Tavi and was treated really bad, while others claim that the reason had to do with some kind of misunderstanding. 

Sandra and Tavi Castro

Sandra and her ex-boyfriend Tavi Castro

Source: felxoffense

Tavi has neither denied nor accepted the accusations. And the media is yet to come up with a strong evidence against Tavi in this case. Well, whatever might be the reason, we know for sure that by July 2016 the couple had decided to part ways and were no longer seen together. 

Sandra Prikker's new boyfriend

The exact date of their split has not been reported but it is rumored that they split sometimes in March 2016. Barely four months down the line, in July, Sandra had found love with Chad Nutsch, who is the president of Global Elite Group LLC, a media company specializing in what is often known as social media marketing. 

Sandra Prikker and Chad Nutsch

Sandra with her boyfriend Chad Nutsch

Source: mulpix

The couple. however, has not revealed how they began dating. As far as we know, they enjoy each others company and are said to be supportive of each other. 

They are also yet to disclose if and when they plan to tie the knot. For now, they seem to be enjoying each other's company. Although they come from different professions, they have somehow managed to understand each other really well.


Cause he's bae ?? @chadnutsch

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YouTube Q&A With me & @chadnutsch ????Leave Questions Below????

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Not just Sandra, even Tavi has moved on with his life. He has found a new girl for himself. And she is none other than Yanita Yancheva, a social media and fitness sensation from Bulgaria, who first came into prominence in her home country after making it to the last round of the TV show Survival BG

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Tavi and Yanita

Tavi with his girlfriend Yanita

Source: richkidsoi

Besides Tavi, Sandra's name has not been linked to anyone until now. Maybe, she was so focused on her career that she did not have time for this all. Or maybe, given Sandra's desire to stay silent about her private life, we do not know about it. 

We just hope that Sandra and Chad get hitched pretty soon so that we can report about it.