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Home Gossip Who is Sandra Kubicka's boyfriend? Know about her Affairs and Dating History

Who is Sandra Kubicka's boyfriend? Know about her Affairs and Dating History

Shree Krishna Tue Jul, 2017
Who is Sandra Kubicka's boyfriend? Know about her Affairs and Dating History

Want to check out on a hot-sexy model? Well, guys, we have brought a remedy for you all. The 22-year old Polish model, Sandra Kubicka is the one you all should be looking for and her Instagram account is the treasure. So, guys without wasting single second just follow her and help your Instagram feed to spice up.

Sandra is creating headlines with her Instagram posts recently and she is the desire of millions. Oh! her male fans. Just huge! but guys hold your breath because you are about to get a shock! Looks like the beautiful model found her perfect man. Oh! we just loved the beautiful brunette, didn't we? Well, unwillingly have to back out. 

So, who's the lucky guy and the deal between the Polish model and her boyfriend Cedric Gervais? Find it all here in this article.

Sandra Kubicka and her boyfriend Cedric Gervais

The Polish model born on 22nd January 1995 in Lodz, Poland seems to enjoy a romantic relationship with her reported 38 years boyfriend Cedric Gervais, a French DJ/producer.

The rumors of the couple's relationship circled in the social sites when they openly came to each other on their social sites.

On July 19, 2014, Cedric tweeted, "If you get a table with 15 dudes in a nightclub and 15 dudes only I don't care how many bottles you pop you are going home alone" in response to it Sandra replied, "@CedricGervais actually not. Girls are more attracted when there isn't a bunch of hoes around...... Mr. Confucius".

And the assumptions on the couple's chemistry came into the spotlight again when Sandra took it to Twitter to welcome Cedric on Instagram with the caption, "My man is on fire @cedricgervais.

We ought to show our affection for the special one. And that's the beauty of love, isn't it?

Well, still their fans weren't clear about the real deal of Sandra and Cedric. And the model was up to the point to make their fans clear about their relationship. Sandra shared a picture of her and Cedric hugging each other in the selfie hashtag site with a caption, "Sandra Kubicka (@sandrakubicka_love): Cutest couple @sandrakubicka @cedricgervais #sandrakubicka".

Indeed cute couple! These two looks so adorable together, don't they?

Well, it somehow made the Kubicka and her boyfriend's relationship official. And what was left, the couple was occasionally spotted together spending some lavishing time together. And they were on the headlines with their romantic chemistry.

Let's talk about the splendid day off of the couple on the Miami Beach, Florida on June 26, 2016. They heated up the sea with their love!

Well, it wasn't all, they were captured kissing each other enjoying the cool water.

Now can't help it! Totally jealous.

Anyway, these two make a good partner for each other. Well, frankly the two make a cute couple.

The Polish model is so beautiful and there's no denying it. Anyone who spends some time with her is certain to have feelings towards her. So is Cedric the only one Sandra was in a relationship? No, it doesn't seem so. Earlier Sandra was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Timinsky.  

Sandra Kubicka and her ex-boyfriend Brandon Timinsky

Around 2012, Sandra and Brandon, CEO of Miami Beach, Florida  & Co-Founder at GasNinjas were in a romantic relationship.

Sandra Kubicka with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Timinsky

Sandra Kubicka with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Timinsky   Source: World Red Eye

The couple relationship didn't actually make it to social sites. So, people out there are mostly unaware of the former couple's romantic chemistry. 

It's still unclear how the couple met? And there is very few information on their relationship. But as per Sandra and Brandon's tweets, it's clear that there was something in between them. So, without wasting any time let's check out the post here.

On April 12, 2012, Sandra's tweet, "My boyfriend spent a whole night doing a research about the right diet&excerices for me. Isn't he the best? I'm so thankful to him! @tmnsky". With the model mentioning "boyfriend", it's obvious for everyone to believe that she was in love and with this, "@tmnsky". Everyone was clear! Also check out the tweet here.

Well, Brandon was no second when it came to showing affection for the lady. On 29 December 2012 Brandon on his Twitter account tweeted;

Have to mention, Brandon didn't state love directly, but the word "amazing" was certain to give lots of meanings. And that was enough for their fans to call them a couple.

Well, was it a real feeling of love or was just an affection? It's only up to them to make it clear. But it looks like Sandra and Brandon were in a lovely relationship. But possibly things didn't work out as expected and they decided to travel separate ways. 

It's not easy to make love always. It takes long enough to find a perfect partner and unless we do, we just get someone to know them for a while and sooner they came in our life the sooner they leave. Maybe there was the same case with Sandra and Brandon.

After passing out from the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Sandra is enjoying a romantic relationship with her recent boyfriend Cedric. Well, we are happy for the couple. And hope to hear more about their relationship with them.