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Home Gossip Who is Sandara Park Boyfriend? Know about her Relationship Status and Dating History

Who is Sandara Park Boyfriend? Know about her Relationship Status and Dating History

Sabina Gartaula Mon Dec, 2017
Who is Sandara Park Boyfriend? Know about her Relationship Status and Dating History

Best known by her stage name Dara, Sandara Park is a South Korean actress, singer, and host. Sandara has appeared in numerous films including 2017's My Ex and Whys as herself, One Step as Si-Hyun and Cheese in the Trap as Jang Bo-ra. The 33-year-old who is given the title of BoA of Phillippines by her fans in Korea is one of the most respected and famous artists not only in Korea but worldwide. 

Dara, along with her contemporaries Kim Ji-soo and Yoo In-nais also considered as one of the most prominent fashion and beauty icons because of her unique and outstanding style. Moreover, the member of Korean girl group 2NE1, whose video also features English model Ash Stymest,  has released some hit songs like Lollipop, MTBD, Fire etc. 



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Here, we are going to take a look at the love life of the Korean sensation and some of her rumors. 

Sandara Park's past relationships and rumors

In the year 2004, Sandara Parks started dating TV and film actor based in Philippines Joseph Bitangcol. The two kept their relationship a secret. However, in 2017, the two announced their relationship but shortly after the announcement, the duo broke up because of some personal reasons. Despite the breakup, they have a good relationship and still are friends. 

Couple Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol

Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol

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After breaking up with Sandara, Joseph started dating Franchesca Tonson. The two got married on 30th July of 2016 at Sweet Harmony Gardens

Sandara Park and Kim soo-Hyun

Sandara Park and Kim soo-Hyun

Source: Frostsnow


Sandara, on the other hand, was rumored to have been dating Korean actor Kim soo-Hyun, who is best known for his work in movies like the 2011's Dream High, 2017's Real and many others. Neither of the party talked about the rumor or dropped any hints about it. 

Sandara park with her rumored boyfriend g-dragon, also known as the king of k-pop.

Sandara Park and G-Dragon

Source: kpopreplay

Later, she was also rumored to have started dating Korean rapper and fashion icon G-Dragon also known as 'The King of K-pop.' The two were spotted together on many occasions, but none of them has revealed that the two were dating or were just friends. They have also performed together on stage and fans went crazy over the duo's performance. 

Who is K-pop sensation Sandara Park dating? Is she single?

Recently, in May 2017, K-pop fashion icon cum sensation shared during an interview in the Philippines that she had a hard time being in a relationship or finding a boyfriend. She also was not confident enough to approach the person she liked. Moreover, after signing a contract with YG Entertainment for 2NE1, she was not allowed to date anyone for three years as per contract. 

Video: Dara talks about her relationship

She also explained that she was very busy and had no time for dating anyone or time to give to her boyfriend. She is also more focused on her career rather than being involved in relationships.



So, it is safe to say that the 33-year-old 2NE1 member is currently single and is also not looking to date anyone anytime soon. Her reason for not being in a relationship is that she is too busy building a career. 

We hope that she will soon find the one and have a happy life. We wish the very best for her bright future both in career and relationship.