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Home Gossip Riki Lindhome Love Life: Know If She Is Dating At Present, Also Her Past Affairs

Riki Lindhome Love Life: Know If She Is Dating At Present, Also Her Past Affairs

Bibs Thu May, 2018
Riki Lindhome Love Life: Know If She Is Dating At Present, Also Her Past Affairs

Erika 'Riki' Lindhome is an American actress, musician and most of all, a hilarious comedian. Born in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, Riki started her career by playing a short role in a sitcom named Titus. Now she has been a part of many well-known TV series and movies.

Lindhome has a firm grasp of the industry, so is it wrong to speculate if she has a boyfriend? Let's untie her life events one at a time. 

Riki's Personal Life and Initial Phase

Riki Lindhome's parents are Rick Lindhome and Cheryl Linhome. She has a brother named Tim Lindhome. Not much is known about her parents' profession but her brother is a drummer in the band Navar. She seems to be very close to her family. 

She was born in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Portville, New York. Primarily, she is of Swedish ancestry. She went to Syracuse University and was a part of a sketch comedy group called Syracuse Live. After graduating, she pursued her acting career. 

Her Acting Career

Afte her time in Titus, she appeared in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In 2003, she got her big break as she got to play in Embedded. Her career took off from that point in her life as she was starred in Academy Award-winning movie Million Dollar Baby.

She wrote, co-directed, and produced the short movie Life Is Short. She appeared in the 2006 movie Pulse and was a part of Nickelback's Rockstar music video the year after.

Riki Lindhome in Million Dollar Baby

Riki Lindhome in Million Dollar Baby
Source: Earwolf

2008 was also a big year for her as she played roles in The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and Pushing Daisies. In 2012, she picked up an unusual role as an antagonist in the movie Much Ado About Nothing. In 2017, she had a supporting rule in The Lego Batman Movie and The Wicked Witch of the West.

Riki Lindhome's Love Affairs & Relationships

Apparently, Riki Lindhome doesn't have a boyfriend. There are no records of any past affairs. She has also tweeted about marriage saying that married couples are 'boring'. Her activity online shows that she is not interested in a relationship.

Anybody can have a change of heart anytime. Maybe Riki becomes a subject to the same thing. Maybe she warms up to the idea of a boyfriend. All we can do now is wait and watch the show.