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Home Gossip Who is Rick Steves' ex-wife Anne Steves? Their Divorce, Children, And Current Dating Status Revealed

Who is Rick Steves' ex-wife Anne Steves? Their Divorce, Children, And Current Dating Status Revealed

Ashmita Karki Wed Aug, 2016
Who is Rick Steves' ex-wife Anne Steves? Their Divorce, Children, And Current Dating Status Revealed

If you are a lover of travel shows, we’re sure you know who Rick Steves is. If you don't then, we have something for you. Rick is a very famous American author and TV personality focusing on European travel. Besides as a writer, he is also in the news for his relationships and questions on his unsuccessful marriage with ex-wife Anne Steves.

In the past, he was married to Anne Steves. It is believed that Anne dated Rick for a long time before getting married. Let's learn more about their love affair and married life. Just stay with us.

Anne Steves and Rick Steves' Wedding

There is not much information available about Anne and Rick’s wedding. Thus, we do not know when they got married. What we know is, Anne and Rick got married in St Thomas of Villanova and the reception took place at Saint David Gold Club.

For her bridal bouquet, Anne used Calla Lilies with roses and a trace of Hydrangea. 

Happily married husband and wife: Rick Steves and Anne Steves

Happily married husband and wife: Rick Steves and Anne Steves


Rick has faced a lot of difficulties while he tried to get to success. The major blockade was his marriage so due to this very reason, the pair decided to go their separate ways. Hence, they got divorced in 2010. We all know that every husband and wife has good and bad days.

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They could have solved their issues and worked out but it seems like separation was the only way their problems got solved. Rick’s fans were really sad to know about his divorce then. 

Rick Steves and Anne Steves' Divorce 

Anne Steves filed for divorce in Snohomish Superior Court in the State of Washington in September of 2009, according to the State of Washington's court case information website. The case number is 09-3-02434-2. The court granted her a divorce on March 5, 2010.

The court sealed financial records relating to the divorce on April 15, 2010, and again on June 11, 2010, but records indicate that the parties executed a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, which indicates that one party transferred partial or full ownership of a financial account in his or her name to the other party.

Rick Steves with Anne Steves

Rick Steves with Anne Steves

Source: Via Magazine

Rick is also a board member of the National Organization for the Legalization of Marijuana, and he is highly involved in a charity housing project for homeless mothers that, along with his many professional commitments, may have needed significant time and attention and caused the couple to grow apart.

Husband and Wife, Anne Steves and Rick Steves: Parents of two Children

In the span of their short-lived married life, the former couple welcomed two children together.

Happily married husband and wife: Rick Steves and Anne Steves with their children

Happily married husband and wife: Rick Steves and Anne Steves with their children

Source: Pinterest

Rick and Anne are parents to daughter Jackie Steves and son Andy Steves. Both of them have grown up to become two talented and charming adults. Andy is now an entrepreneur as he has founded a travel company, Weekend Student Adventures Europe and also written a book called, Andy Steves' Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget

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Andy is not alone in this as his sister Jackie also helps him in all of his chores. They together, spend time traveling around Europe researching guidebook and filming TV shows with Rick. The siblings also have a travel blog where enthusiastic travelers can find relevant information. 

Why did Rick Steves and Anne Steves got Divorced? 

Although many of the divorce records between Rick and Anne Steves are sealed, Rick travels to Europe for about four months every year, so the couple spent significant time apart.

Shortly after his divorce, Rick said on his blog in 2012 that he recently began traveling with a remarkable woman named Trish Feaster, but it is unclear if he met Ms. Feaster prior to his divorce, or if his relationship with Ms. Feaster contributed to the breakdown of his marriage.

Rick Steves

Rick Steves


After the couple's separation, both of the parents got equal custody of their children. 

Since Anne Steve is not as famous as her husband; there is no information available about her. But, if you want to know about Rick, we will give you a little information about him.

Short Bio-Wiki of RICK STEVES

In the year 1955, the legendary man Rick Steves was born. His birth took place in Edmonds, in the USA. He is of American nationality and white ethnicity. Rick Steves is the host for not only the American Public Television series called Rick Steves Europe but also the public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves.

He has written many books as well which has his adventures and travel. His net worth is expected to be around $10 million.

Is Anne Steves Dating After Divorce With Ex-husband Rick Steves?

So, this is probably the most anticipated question regarding the couple. And it is pretty obvious as it has been a long time since they divorced, ie. in 2010.

However, much to our amazement, the couple seems to have remained single ever since they got a divorce. There are no reports of Anne or Rick dating anyone. 

Well, we don't have a proper reason why they have chosen to stay single but be it for any cause, it's a shocker. 

Anyway, we hope they are happy the way they are.

Is Rick Steves Dating a Girlfriend After Divorce With Ex-Wife Anne Steves?

Well, like ex-wife Anne, Rick also seems to be pretty anonymous when it is about his love affairs and relationship. 

By far, the travel writer is not reported to have involved in a romantic relationship. Be it on a social media post or in interviews, Rick has pretty well fended off questions on his love life.

For now, it is safe to say he is single and not dating a girlfriend.