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Home Gossip Who is Richard Rankin's wife?Who is he Dating Currently? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

Who is Richard Rankin's wife?Who is he Dating Currently? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Jun, 2017
Who is  Richard Rankin's wife?Who is he Dating Currently? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

We often get to see three types of celebrities in the American film industries. One is who loves sharing all the private details to public and media. Second is the one who rarely opens up about their personal details in public. And the third one is the one who never speaks anything about their personal life.

Well, the famous Scottish film, television, and theater actor, Richard Rankin the person who falls in the third category whose personal life has so far been a curious question.

A lot of his fans are wondering to be answered to various questions about him. Is Richard dating anyone or is he already married? 

If you too are among those looking forward to knowing Richard's personal life, just stay with us.

Is Richard Rankin dating someone or already married? Who's his girlfriend/wife?

With his talent and hard work, Richard Rankin has successfully earned many fans majority of them being females.

However, Richard Rankin seems to be very secretive about his personal life and don't want people to know any of his private details. So far, the actor has neither opened up about his personal details nor he has discussed it in any of his interviews.

But well, his Instagram has a lot to say about him and his personal life. Scrolling down his Instagram account, we can see Richard with a lot of lovely ladies posing alongside.

 Check it out.


This was the photo we were waiting for! ?????#Outlander #RogerandBree #4Eva #richardrankin #sophieskelton @sophie.skelton @rikrankin

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Look at the above picture. The lady with Richard Rankin is a famous British actress Sophie Skelton. Though the picture of them together doesn't make much sense about the relationship between Sophie and Richard, the comments below the picture say them a couple. Are these two actors are really dating?



Part 2 #rikrankin #sophieskelton #rogerandbree #breerandall #rogermackenzie

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Well, we can not say that for sure because none of them has ever confirmed that they are boyfriend and girlfriend to the media.

In the same regard, Richard was also rumored to be dating another British actress Cara Theobold. A few months back Richard was also seen posting some pictures with Cara. Check it out.



This sparked a rumor that Richard was dating Cara Theobold, however, their relationship was not confirmed too.

It doesn't end here, aged 34, Richard is even rumored to be married which too is unconfirmed. Apart from this, a few weeks back Richard posted a picture of a young girl, both of them smiling. Check it out.



In this regards, an Instagram page newglasglowgirls raised a question whether they are father and daughter, however, Richard never addressed the question.

Well, concerning Richard's life, all we can do is wait until Richard Rankin opens up about his relationship. As for now, we wish him all the very best for his future and we hope he soon reveals his relationship status. For more updates, stay tuned with Frostsnow.