Who Is Renda St. Clair husband? Find Out About Her Married Life And Children

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Rex Tillerson is an established businessman who is married to Renda St. Clair. The pair has been married for a long time. Even at present, they look like they are really happy with one another. The husband and wife is already an inspiration to youngsters.

Well, here we are to find out details on Rex's and his relationship with his spouse Renda. Let’s find out more about Tillerson’s wife and children.

Rex Tillerson married Renda St. Clair

As a former ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson is a renowned name in the field of business but, his wife St. Clair is quite out of the spotlight. However, we have known that St. Clair has been a very supportive wife since the very beginning.

Image: Rex Tillerson and Renda St.Clair

Image: Rex Tillerson and Renda St.Clair

Source: Heavy

The fact that Tillerson and Clair have four grown-up children and many grandchildren is the proof that the couple has been married for a very long time.

It feels quite amazing and inspired to see a long lasting couple like Tillerson and St. Clair. They are the perfect example of love and togetherness.

Rex Tillerson son Tyler Tillerson

Tillerson’s younger son’s name is Tyler Tillerson. He is an Argyle High School graduate of 2006. He is working at UT in the Human Resource Management department. He also worked at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in the past. 

Image: Rex Tillerson

Image: Rex Tillerson

Source: Alcalde

His son with Clair was born in 1988. Well, at present, he is an established person and is leading a happy life.

Rex Tillerson and Renda St. Clair live in Texas

At present Tillerson and his wife St. Clair lives in Bartonville. They lived there since the early 2000s and attended St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Denton. Their neighbors in that area have claimed that Tillerson and his wife are a very nice person.  

He is even said to generally begin his introduction by introducing his wife and family members in the chamber at first.

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Apart from the Bartonville house, Tillerson and St. Clair also owns houses in Texas in Lantana, Watauga and Fort Worth area.

However, the pair bought the Bartonville home before Tillerson became ExxonMobil’s CEO. You might also be amazed to know that St. Clair is from Fort Worth, Texas.

Rex Tillerson and Renda St. Clair relationship

Tillerson is a very powerful position holding man who is said to be a very humble and delicate man who doesn’t have any arrogance, complaints, and pretense within him. That might be the reason behind his lasting relationship with his wife.

The pair’s relationship is really inspirational. Despite being a grandparent already, the love between Tillerson and his wife St. Clair doesn’t seem to be less. There are no hints or rumors of divorce between them.

Image: Rex Tillerson with his wife Renda St. Clair, children and grandchildren

Image: Rex Tillerson with his wife Renda St. Clair, children, and grandchildren

Source: Heavy

We hope they continue inspiring all the people and hope their relationship continues forever.

Quick Facts:

What is Rex Tillerson worth?

Rex net worth in 2019 is estimated at $66 million. Back in 2013, his stock in Exxon stock was $28.1 million, which increased to $33.1 in 2014. Similarly, in 2016, he held $54 million of Exxon stock.

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