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Home Gossip Who is Mikey Bolts dating these days? Know his affair and relation.

Who is Mikey Bolts dating these days? Know his affair and relation.

abhilasha Fri Dec, 2016
Who is Mikey Bolts dating these days? Know his affair and relation.

Micheal Balalis popularly known as Mikey Bolts is mostly famous as a YouTube comedian. If you have seen his facial expressions he makes during his YouTube videos we bet you can't back yourself falling in love with him.  He started his YouTube channel in the year 2008 and now he has become one of the YouTube sensations. Furthermore, he also has his own separate video blog channel. Some of his videos on YouTube have even reached even 15 million views and have got the subscription of more than two million which is growing day by day. So do you know who this YouTube personality is dating? Who can be his girlfriend?

Looking at his popularity now one can say that he can be single, isn't it? It is not just because of his popularity but he is a young and handsome man of 26 who can make an easy impression on any female if he wants to. Bet! Check his cool picture.

Mikey Bolts

Is Mikey Bolts dating and having affair with someone? Is in relationship?

Making lots of YouTube videos with his immense talent of creating different facial expression can melt away the heart of his female fans. His Seth McFarlane-esque humour is greatly depicted in every of his videos. Mostly his videos are made with the composition of him commenting on current events, pop culture or everyday life instances.


Mikey in one of his video entitled " ">Dating in the 21st Century" he has talked about how dating these days are going on. He says it is a total mess up and verbal communication is being extinct and relationships are based on social networking. There are more breakup happens over texts which are a total true stuff. He also talked about how even elders too are interested in the internet and social networking sites these days. The dating sites have made us easy for meeting someone who shares our thoughts.



It's been a great run.

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Alright now may be this video which Mikey has done ' ">Dates Were Never My Thing', we can get the hint that he is probably single. As a man who is dating a girl would not have made such a video about never dating.  He said dating to be an awkward social situation pressure which never went well on him.

Mikey was in second grade when a girl came to him and asked to be his valentine for which he was thrilled as he was never been asked like this before. He went in by putting the coolest outfit ever and as per his thinking the date went well. But as Mikey went school the other day he was told that the girl whom he went the date with and is dreaming of being with forever has three other boys in her life.