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Home Gossip Who is Martha Hunt's husband? Is she secretly Married? Know about her Relationship

Who is Martha Hunt's husband? Is she secretly Married? Know about her Relationship

Ashmita Karki Tue Jul, 2017
Who is Martha Hunt's husband? Is she secretly Married? Know about her Relationship

Martha Hunt is a household name in the fashion industry. Hunt is a 28-year-old fashion diva who is also popularly known as the member of Taylor Swift’s squad. Hunt can be seen in Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video.

If you are thinking about winning Hunt’s heart, then we are afraid, you barely have any chance. Hunt is dating photographer Jason McDonald. They have already been together for quite a while now and they spark no split rumors. Find out more:

Martha Hunt relationship with her boyfriend Josh McDonald

Hunt who became an angel in 2016, met her beau while shooting her campaigns for ‘Free People’. They dated soon after that and have been together since 2015.

Martha Hunt with boyfriend Jason McDonald

Martha Hunt with boyfriend Jason McDonald

Source: Elle

Although it has already been 2 years, Hunt and her boyfriend appear to be going well in their affair. Even though they both are so busy and occupied by their profession, they are able to maintain a healthy love life.

The secret to Martha Hunt and Josh McDonald relationship

It seems like Hunt and McDonald share a great bond of understanding. Hunt even talked about her boyfriend once and said that it is great to have somebody who understands you. Hunt also gave hint about how they cancel dates and dinners because of the work and their other half understands it.

The couple maintains their healthy relationship by going to concerts, taking trips together no matter if it is just upstate for a weekend. They also give each other advice and opinions which seem to work between them. Hunt also revealed that she and her partner bring each other up.

She also shared a little bit of relationship advice as she said:

'You have to be ready to surprise your man with a trip or with something you guys haven't done before just to keep it interesting.’

Is Martha Hunt getting married?

There are no any records of Hunt’s former affairs and boyfriends. It seems like Hunt was waiting for McDonald all her life. If love eventually gets addressed like this, it is worth the wait, don’t you think?


he ordered the halle berry

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Hunt is quite active on Instagram and she posts her lovey-dovey pictures at times. Considering Hunt’s relationship with her boyfriend McDonald, it makes us believe that love does exists and busy schedules can never be a barrier.

Watch Victoria’s Secret Sexy Short intro of Martha Hunt:

Although Jason McDonald is not Hunt’s husband yet, we don’t doubt that he has the possibility to be one soon. Despite the fact that McDonald and Hunt haven’t shared any kinds of engagement or wedding plans. We hope they’ll do that soon.

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