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Home Gossip Who is Mark Fuhrman currently married to? Find out his married life and divorce rumors

Who is Mark Fuhrman currently married to? Find out his married life and divorce rumors

abhilasha Tue Jan, 2017
Who is Mark Fuhrman currently married to? Find out his married life and divorce rumors

Mark Fuhrman, the former detective, and convicted felon has married three times in his lifetime. His first two marriages couldn’t last longer than three or four years as they eventually ended the relationship on divorce. Then, he got married for the third time with Caroline Lody and stayed in a marital relationship for almost twenty years but, unfortunately, the divorce rumor which hit the city in early 2000 came true.

Mark Fuhrman and Caroline Lody were living as a happily married couple till the year 2000. There is no any record of Mark's children from his first two marriages but he was blessed with two children from his third marriage. So, after three failed marriage do you think Mark can be married again?

Mark Fuhrman's previous married life

As mentioned, the talented detective, writer, and radio host Mark Fuhrman, has married thrice. He became very much successful in his professional career, however, couldn’t find peace in his married life. He married three women in his life but wasn’t able to maintain a stable relationship with them.

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Mark Fuhrman first married to Barbara L. Koop on 24 November 1973. Mark and Barbara stayed together from the year 1973 to 1977 and lastly got divorced. Then, he was introduced to Janet Ellen Sosbee with whom he got married the same year he divorced his first wife Barbara L. Koop.

Mark Fuhrman and Janet Ellen Sosbee marriage also failed after staying with each other for three years altogether. On the same year of separation with Janet, Mark again got married with Caroline Lody. 

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Mark did not have any children from his previous two marriage and maybe that was the reason these marriages couldn’t last longer. Mark and Caroline were blessed with a daughter and son named Haley and Cole respectively. While everyone was assuming that this couple's marriage would last forever this didn't come true.

The third marriage of Mark Fuhrman also couldn’t last. He and Caroline remained as a husband and wife from the early 1980s to 2000. They lived with each other for almost twenty years but eventually got detached.

What is Mark Fuhrman doing now? Is he married or single?

Mark Fuhrman especially came into the limelight for the case he was involved in - an investigation of murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman. He was in his early 40s when he was involved with the case. He was a detective with the LAPD as he investigated the crime scene where Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found murdered.

Then later after the trail was completed he started writing books. In 1997 Mark Fuhrman published 'Murder in Brentwood' related to an investigation of the murders which became the best-selling novel. Then, he continued and published almost six other books which also got huge success.

Later, he gave guest appearances in many shows as well. Mark is probably single after the divorce with Caroline. There is no news or rumor of him getting involved with anyone or marriage.

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