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Home Gossip Who Is Madison Beer Currently Dating? Her Love affairs And Relationship

Who Is Madison Beer Currently Dating? Her Love affairs And Relationship

Jharna Prasai Mon Apr, 2017
Who Is Madison Beer Currently Dating? Her Love affairs And Relationship

The 20 years old, Madison Elle Beer is an American singer, actress, YouTuber, and teen pop star. She used to upload covers on Youtube, but she was not known to many until one day singer Justin Bieber linked her Youtube video of her singing in his twitter account.

The girl who came into highlight after Justin's tweet, Madison, is now rumored to be dating him. Rumors of Justin and Madison are all over the media as they are, most of the time, seen getting close to each other.

However, Madison has a boyfriend who she is dating for two years. So, is Justin and Madison seriously dating each other? And what about her boyfriend? Confused huh !!! You don't need to be anymore, cause we are about to clear all your confusion.

Is Madison Beer Dating Justin Bieber?

Quite a month back, Madison and Justin were spotted at a restaurant enjoying the dinner together. According to the news, on 14 January 2017, Justin took Madison out for a nice meal, and they spent quality time together. Not only dinner, Madison and Justin also went for a short walk in the woods in broad daylight.

And what do you need more? It's enough for people to make gossips about, isn't it? And that's what actually happened. Although, two years back, the picture of Justin getting cozy with Madison and lying in her lap kind of created confusion about their relationship.

Video: Justin Bieber and Madison Beer ♥

But, come on guys, if someone gets a bit closer and friendly, that doesn't mean they are in a relationship or dating each other. And in an interview Madison said,

"[Justin] has been so supportive. He’s been a big brother to me, the whole way through,”

Madison started her career as the protege of Justin; it was a big break, though. If Justin had not tweeted her video, then maybe she would not have made it this far. Maybe!!

Justin's tweet of Madison's singing video,

Madison has a Boyfriend, Dating for two years

Madison Beer is dating an American singer and vine star, Jack Gilinsky. He is the face and voice behind Jack-Jack Vine, which is hugely popular on the internet. Madison and Jack were seen together since 2014, and the rumor of their affairs was all over the media.

Instagram: Madison Beer with her boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky.


Mood & I have another exam today ugh #madisonbeer #jackgilinsky

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And in the same year, the couple confirmed their relationship and also celebrated their second anniversary in 2016. The couple was also spotted enjoying their New Year's vacation in Miami.

The lovely couple is always seen together, and they look cute. The picture above clearly shows their hot romance.

It seems people have misunderstood the relationship between Madison and Justin, but it's just love and care between a brother and a sister. Madison seems very happy with Jack. We wish for her successful relationship.

Update: Madison and Jack broke up in 2017 after dating for around two years. After breaking up with jack, she dated Zack Bia in 2017 and broke up after two years of relationship. As of June 2019, she was reported to be dating Kendall Jenner's former boyfriend, Blake Griffin.