Who Is Maddie Ziegler Dating Currently? Know About Her Past Relationship And Affairs

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We can't be sure about everyone, but our heart definitely melts when we see young couples deeply in love. Well, Maddie Ziegler and her boyfriend Jack Kelly is one perfect example of such couple. Maddie is a very famous dancer, actress and model who gained abrupt fame after she starred in Sia's 'Elastic Heart' and 'Chandelier'.

Despite the fact that Maddie is just 14 right now, she seems to be enjoying her puppy love with her current beau. In a recent interview, she shared some sweet words about her relationship with Jack as well. Wondering what? Keep reading: 

Maddie Ziegler gushes about her affair with new boyfriend

Maddie designated her relationship as great when interviewed by ET.  Yet, she said that she doesn't prioritize moving things quickly as she knows that she is still very young.  She said:

"I would never, like, move things too quick, and plus, I know I'm still 14, you know, I'm still a child. But yeah, Jack is really great. I have a good time with him so it's fun."

Maddie Ziegler and boyfriend Jack Kelly

Maddie Ziegler and boyfriend Jack Kelly

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Maddie hasn't really been secretive regarding her affair with her beau. She frequently posts photos with her lover on her Instagram and she has been open about it since the beginning.

Maddie Ziegler and her beau celebrated 8 monthsary

The couple was first assumed of being together in January 2017, after a photo of them snuggling in a bathroom was seen on Maddie's Instagram. On 1st August, she posted a cute photo of the couple captioning it: '8 months'. This clearly reveals that they began dating from the beginning of 2017.

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8 months ??????

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Can you believe that the cutie pies are already nearing their anniversary? Time really flies fast, isn't it?

Maddie Ziegler relationship with Jack Kelly

Even though Maddie is just in her early teens, she is wise enough to realize what she should and shouldn't do. When she talked to Mario Lopez of Extra, she revealed that she got into a relationship with Jack only after her mom allowed.

8 MONTHS!! Maddie Ziegler & Jack Kelly:

Yet, she says:

"It can’t be like a real [date]. I’m only 14. I wouldn’t do anything though because I’m only 14.”


8 months ????

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It's not just Maddie who appears to be in serious love with her partner as Jack's Instagram is also filled with his and his girlfriend's photos. The love between them appears to be a serious one.

Maddie Ziegler other boyfriends

Just to let you know, Jack is not the only guy Maddie has dated. Maddie has been in a relationship with Jacob Sartorius. In fact, her name has been attached with Gino Cosculluela as well.

Maddie Ziegler and ex-boyfriend Jacob Sartorius

Maddie Ziegler and ex-boyfriend Jacob Sartorius

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Even though the previous affairs didn't work, it seems like Maddie's current relationship is pure. Though rare, there are some cases where two teenaged lovers grow up to get married. We hope we hear the same about Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly's relationship as well.

Let's wish them best of luck.