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Home Gossip Who Is Lori Greiner Married to? Know about her married life and divorce rumors

Who Is Lori Greiner Married to? Know about her married life and divorce rumors

Jharna Prasai Mon Dec, 2016
Who Is Lori Greiner Married to? Know about her married life and divorce rumors

Lori Greiner is an American multi-talented television personality, entrepreneur, and inventor. Born in Illinois, Chicago, Greiner was raised by real estate developer father and a psychologist mother. She started her journey to success as an entrepreneur, turning a simple idea of plastic jewelry into a successful business - For Your Ease Only INC

Known as the Queen of QVC, Grenier, despite her age, maintains her bold personality. Would you believe Lori is 48 years old? Besides an entrepreneur, Lori is most known as a TV personality. She is the cast member of reality TV show Shark Tank, where the Entrepreneur teaches how to get into the shark tank.

She is known as ‘the warm-blooded shark’. It’s already been more than 16 years she has contributed to the show.

CAPTION: Lori Greiner


Apart from her professional life, in this section, we will be dealing her personal life.

Lori Greiner and her husband Daniel Greiner

Lori Greiner is married to Daniel Greiner who now manages the finance of Lori’s company. Daniel is the former controller at the Bell and Howell, a US-based manufacturing company. Lori Grenier and Daniel Grenier first met at the Lincoln Park Bar Kincaid's in Chicago.



Soon after that, they started seeing each other. And not much to our surprise, they fell in love and started going to romantic dinner dates.

Lori Greiner and Daniel Greiner Marriage

Lori Greiner and Daniel Greiner married each other after dating for ages. Now, it's already been such a long time since their marriage. This couple seems to be very happy together. This magnetic couple though is always able to maintain their low profile on social media sites and both Lori and Daniel are hardly seen together on screen and in front of media.  



Finding a person of character is by far more important! #BelieveInPeople #LGMissionToInspire

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It's really difficult to find Lori and Daniel's pictures together in social media. Lori and Daniel are one of the most adorable couples who is living happily together. 

It's been quite a while that Lori and Greiner married each other but they still do not have any children. It seems like this couple is still not ready to take this huge step. But according to the source, we are able to know that Lori is fond of children and she loves to play with them but maybe she is not sure about having her own baby anytime soon.



No time to decorate a tree this weekend so they decorated me ??

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What is more satisfying about this couple is to date there are not any rumors about their divorce. This couple never had to face the media concerning their failed relationship. We can only hope for their successful relationship and wish them all the luck for the future.

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