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Home Gossip Who Is Kirsty Mitchell Dating Currently? Know About Her Past Affairs And Relationship

Who Is Kirsty Mitchell Dating Currently? Know About Her Past Affairs And Relationship

Ashmita Karki Tue Sep, 2017
Who Is Kirsty Mitchell Dating Currently? Know About Her Past Affairs And Relationship

Whenever we see a gorgeous actress, all we can think about is the man behind her. What can be a better combination than Beauty with brains? We get the same feeling whenever we see actress Kirsty Mitchell giving chilling performances on movie and TV shows.

Kristy is a renowned actress whose acting skill is praiseworthy. For a long time, her fans have been interested in something else apart from her career. It is nothing other than her relationship status. Although Kristy is all single and unmarried at the moment, she has been in a few relationships in the past. Let’s get the details about her relationship history: 

Kirsty Mitchell relationship with Joe McFadden

28th June 1974 born Kirsty Mitchell is adored and loved by many because of her beauty and her success as a great actress. However, there was one particular person who loved her inside and out. The lucky guy was Joe McFadden. The pair was in an open relationship in the past, but they made sure that they don’t attract too much attention. This might be the reason why not much details regarding their affair are available.

Kristy Mitchell

Kristy Mitchell

Source: Mubi

Sadly, they didn’t last long. The breakup between the couple was so low-key that people barely knew about their split. 

Kirsty Mitchell is single but not ready to mingle

As of 2017, Kristy is all single and her former boyfriend Joe is also not active in the dating game. This raises a perplexing question: whether they are still into each other or not. Well, we cannot be sure of that until they make any distinctive move towards each other that makes us suspicious.

Watch Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland - "Gaia, The Birth of an End.":

43-year-old Kristy might be aging gracefully, but she doesn’t seem to be at all interested in getting married. In fact, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend, let alone the thoughts of getting hitched. It is a pretty sad news for her fans who wish to see her in a bridal gown, but you might see her as a bride on-screen.

Does Kirsty Mitchell have a son?

Kristy is quite active on her Instagram. She posted a cute selfie with a kid in July which made us doubt if he was her son because their face resembled so much. But the caption made it clear that the little boy wasn’t Kristy son but was her nephew.


#nephewlove #kirstyandkyle

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We are pretty hopeful that Kristy will get the right guy at the right time. We can’t really do anything but wait for the very moment. Until then, we’d like to give our best wishes to Kristy Mitchell.

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