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Home Gossip Who is Katherine Moennig's Boyfriend? Know About her Affairs and dating Rumors

Who is Katherine Moennig's Boyfriend? Know About her Affairs and dating Rumors

Ashmita Karki Sun Jun, 2017
Who is Katherine Moennig's Boyfriend? Know About her Affairs and dating Rumors

Although Gay relationship was considered as a taboo in the past, at present such kind of relationships isn’t really hard to find. Moreover, the society seems to be accepting it as well. It is not a big deal to see a man falling in love with a man and a woman falling in love with another woman. 

Actress Katherine Moennig followed the same trend in the past but now she is in a relationship with fiance Zach Villa. So, who was her girlfriend? What’s her marital status? Is she planning something big? Let’s find out.

Katherine Moennig affair with Evan Rachelwood

Katherine Moennig is quite renowned for dating various stars in the past. She is said to have dated Evan Rachelwood a few years ago. Sources claimed that the fire between the two began just after Rachelwood ended her relationship with her boyfriend Jaime Bell back in 2011.

Evan Rachelwood and Katherine Moennig

Evan Rachelwood and Katherine Moennig

Source: US weekly

In 2013, Moennig and Rachelwood flirted openly through their Twitter. Their conversations as seen on Twitter:

Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood conversation

Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood conversation

Source: Twitter

The pair was also spotted all over each other during the star-studded bash Hammer Museum's Gala In The Garden. A source close to the couple talked about the pair’s relationship and revealed that they both arrived together holding hands which made them look very much like a couple.

Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood

Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood

Source: Daily Mail

Hollywood life also reported that Moennig and Rachelwood are really into each other. In fact, their love affair seems like something that may last a while. Dailymail confirmed a similar report from a source and reported its words as:

"Evan is crazy about Katherine. She had a crush on her for years but now can act on it.The age difference doesn't bother her at all either. She thinks they make an amazing couple. She is head over heels, and Katherine feels the same way."

Katherine Moennig mysterious split with her lady love

Although Moennig and Rachelwood’s relationship found a lot of fame, they broke up mysteriously. No reasons came out regarding their split.

Watch Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood relationship:

Moennig never talked about her relationship with former partner Rachelwood.

Katherine Moennig engaged to Zach Villa

As of 2017, Moennig is engaged to her boyfriend Zach Villa who is a musician. It happened in January 2017. Even though it has just been a couple of months, her engaged life appears to be going well as there are no split rumors.


If this one, @thelizfeldman asks me to jump, I only ask how high. ?? U friendo #TJO

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The fact that Moennig dates a girl and then gets engaged to a guy might make you question about her sexual preference. Well, it seems like the actress is bisexual who is attracted to both man and woman.

So, if Moennig tied the knot with her fiance Villa, will she miss dating a girl? Well, this question can be answered by none but Moennig herself. We hope she states everything soon.