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Home Gossip Who is Jordin Sparks Boyfriend? Know about her Break Rumors and Dating History

Who is Jordin Sparks Boyfriend? Know about her Break Rumors and Dating History

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Jul, 2017
Who is Jordin Sparks Boyfriend? Know about her Break Rumors and Dating History

In this 21st century, we see almost all people falling in love and facing some ups and downs in the relationships. And if it involves celebrities then the talks and rumors are more than usual.

Jordin Sparks grabbed the attention of millions as her separation news with boyfriend of two years Sage the Gemini (originally named Dominic Wynn Woods) came to the surface.

Let's learn more about this story. Here we will also give you the details regarding Jordin Sparks past personal life. So, let's get started, stay with us.

Jordin Sparks Broke Up With Boyfriend of Two Years, Sage the Gemini

The woman with stunning beauty and glamorous looks, Jordin Sparks is a famous American singer and songwriter who sung several famous songs such as On the Air, Double Tap, and Next to You. Besides, she is also an actress and gave her notable role to many renowned movies like Sparkle, Dear Secret Santa, and Left Behind.

Though this gorgeous singer-songwriter achieved great success in her professional career, she failed to achieve the same in her personal life.

Jordin Sparks with her hot apperarence

Jordin Sparks with her hot appearance

Source: peopledotcom

Well, Jordin Sparks had been dating a famous rapper since 2015, but unfortunately, the couple called off their relationship in February 2016, almost after nine months of their relationship.

According to some sources, their love affair started off great in the beginning. They were happy to have each other in their life and were enjoying one another's company but things didn't turn out the way they supposed it to be. Once Jordin even stated:

I think they're pretty obvious. We're having fun. He's a relly good guy, and the picture speaks for themselves...I don't just kiss people!

Jordin Sparks and Sage the Gemini in deep love

Jordin Spark and her boyfriend Sage the Gemini

Source: dailymail

With every passing day, their relationship surrounded with some trust issues and Sage wasn't helping to normalize the situation. Both of them were previously able to work things out, but not this time. The famous couple are no more together!!

Jordin with her beloved one Geini

Jordin with her beloved one Gemini

Source: dailymail

After a couple of weeks of Gemini's broke up with Jordin, he asked for forgiveness and appealed her to give him another chance and give a fresh start to the relationship. He posted an open love letter on Instagram just for his love. Here's that post, check it out.


A post shared by Sage Woods (@sagethegemini) on

But Jordin replied him back on a negative note through her Instagram. Check out the post.

How sad!! We hope someday, Jordin will forgive Gemini and they reunite.

Jordin Sparks past love affairs

Before Gemini, Jordin dated several boyfriends. She reportedly first dated Blake Lewis who is also a singer-songwriter by profession. This former couple began dating in 2006, however, in the following year, they separated without citing any reason for the broke up.

Jordin kissing her boyfriend Baje Lewis in the pubic

Jordin kissing her Boyfriend Blake Lewis

Source: Zimbio

After a couple of years she split up with Blake, Jordin started an affair with an American singer as well as model Steph Jones in 2008. They enjoyed their togetherness for two years and later due to misunderstanding; they split in 2010.

Jordin with her beloved ex-boyfriend Steph Jones

Jordin with her ex-boyfriend Steph Jones

Source: thatgrapejuice

Then, on 1 August 2011, Jordin Sparks officially announced her relationship with Jason Derulo to the public. Both the couples were happy to have each other in their life. However, almost after three years of relationship, they failed to continue their relationship and ended their relation as boyfriend and girlfriend in September 2014. 

Jordin celebrating birthday of Jason Derulo

Jason kissing her ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo

Source: s-media-cache

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