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Home Gossip Who is Jessy Schram's Boyfriend? Is she Dating Currently? Know about her Relationship

Who is Jessy Schram's Boyfriend? Is she Dating Currently? Know about her Relationship

Ashmita Karki Sun Aug, 2017
Who is Jessy Schram's Boyfriend? Is she Dating Currently? Know about her Relationship

Deep down we all get curious about celebrities’ love interests. It fascinates us when we find out that a gorgeous actress is single and has no boyfriend. When we are so used to watching them pair up with different actors on-screen, it is quite difficult to realize that the same star is totally single in real life.

We are talking about Jessy Schram here. Jessy has quite a fame for portraying various strong roles, but the real deal here is who is the lucky guy that has won her heart? If you are thinking that the diva is married or dating, then the answer is no.

Jessy Schram married rumor and how she addressed it

Jessy’s progress in her career is quite praiseworthy. She is not just pretty, but equally talented as well. Considering her looks and charm, we can say that a lot of men wish to marry her, but she is single and focused on her career. 

Jessy Schram

Jessy Schram

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A year ago there were rumors that the actress was getting married. It hit us like a ton of bricks when we heard the rumor because it was hard for us to believe that someone who barely had any love affairs is now tying the knot all of a sudden. Well, our confusion got addressed when the 31-year-old actress took to Twitter to reveal the truth.


On her Twitter post, she wrote that her sister was getting married, but not her. Just when we were having a hard time believing it, we got out curiosity killed.

Does Jessy Schram have a secret boyfriend?

There are no records of Jessy’s former boyfriends and relationships. In fact, she hasn’t been linked with any men lately and she doesn’t have a boyfriend either.

Watch Jessy Schram at the 2015 Hollywood Beauty Awards:

Just because there is no information on Jessy’s dating life on the internet doesn’t really mean she is inactive in it. There are huge possibilities that the pretty actress might be having a low-key affair with her secret boyfriend. Can this really be true? Well, no one other than Jessy can answer this better.


Oh haaaay #BirthdayWishMovie just got a poster and air date. #wefancy ??

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Jessy roles in various movies and series revealed us about her great acting skill. You might have seen Jessy with a lot of men on-screen but it is hard to catch any of her personal affairs. Undoubtedly, she lives in the heart of many men as their crush or dream girl. Yet, her love life is a bit mysterious. We hope she will make it known to us someday.