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Home Gossip Who is Jadyn Wong Currently Dating? Know about her Love Affairs, Relationship, Children

Who is Jadyn Wong Currently Dating? Know about her Love Affairs, Relationship, Children

Chandra Rana Thu Nov, 2017
Who is Jadyn Wong Currently Dating? Know about her Love Affairs, Relationship, Children

Keeping the balance between love relationships and professional life can be quite tough sometimes, especially when it comes to celebrities. Only some can keep the balance, while many fail more than once. today, we are talking about actress Jadyn Wong, a Karate black-belt holder known for her roles as  Happy Quinn in the TV series Scorpion. and movies like You're Killing Me Susana (2016), Space Buddies (2009), Cosmopolis (2012) and Debug (2014).

 Although Jadyn has had two affairs in the series, with  Walter, portrayed by Elyes Gabel; and Toby, played by  Eddie Kaye Thomas, she has not spoken about her real-life datings and relationships. Neither are there many rumors and controversies surrounding this gorgeous actress. 

So, folks, let's delve into the private life of Wong, a Canadian artist of Chinese ethnicity.

Is Jadyn Wong dating recently? Know here

Fans have been guessing for a long time that Wong's real-life love interest is one of the two actors she is romantically linked in the movie. Sadly, one of her onscreen co-stars,  Elyes Gabel, was out of the question until two years back since he was dating Katharine McPhee till 2015.

Jadyn Wong

Jadyn Wong 

Source: Zimbio

Although many claim that the couple has separated since then, the couple has not spoken anything about their affairs and dating history. Ditto in the case of her another co-star Eddie, who has maintained a stiff upper lip about his relationship history. 

 Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong

Eddie and Jadyn enjoying their filming break

Source: Pinterest

So, it leaves us with a lot of questions about Jadyn's private life. As far as we know, she has not come under scrutiny for past affairs and relationships, neither has she sparked rumors by dating anybody.

 Maybe, she hasn't found the man of her dreams yet. Or, maybe, she is secretly dating her boyfriend beyond the eye of the media. Let's leave it for the future.

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Is Jadyn secretly married? Does she have a child? Who is she babysitting?

Well, all this does not mean that her private life is a secret vault. Around a year ago, the world woke up to know that 32-year-old Jadyn Wong, who has said in multiple interviews that relationships exist only onscreen for her, was babysitting someone in real life.


Babysitting Larry McPhee...I think he's still alive? #firstandlasttime @katharinemcphee

A post shared by Jadyn (@jadynjwong) on

Her fans were ecstatic and waiting for Wong to reveal the gender and father of the baby when she disappointed them by saying that it was her dog, Larry, she was taking care of. She says she is so attached to her dog Larry that she thinks of him as her child. What?


To babysit or not...

A post shared by Jadyn (@jadynjwong) on

Jadyn might be enjoying babysitting her dog for now. But we hope that she decides to become a mother soon. All the best, Jadyn. Trying it out with a pet first is not a bad decision.

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