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Home Gossip Who Is Jackie Redmond Dating? Know About Her Affairs & Boyfriend Rumors

Who Is Jackie Redmond Dating? Know About Her Affairs & Boyfriend Rumors

Alishan Sun Dec, 2016
Who Is Jackie Redmond Dating? Know About Her Affairs & Boyfriend Rumors

The winner of Drafted 3: The search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster on the Score, Jackie Redmond is a beautiful and talented presenter for Sportsnet Central.  She competed against 9 other contenders, performing mock interviews and other broadcasting assignments which eventually ended with her winning the competition.

As Redmond is beautiful and gorgeous, people are now quite keen to know her personal life. So, who is Jackie Redmond dating currently? Scroll down to know every possible detail about her personal life below:

Who is Jackie Redmond?

Jackie Redmond was born on April 12, 1986, in Toronto, Canada growing up in she was always into hockey and other sports.

She continued her interest in sports to make it her profession, and her dedication is seen in her work. She is now an on-air personality and Gillette spokesperson.


A photo posted by Jackie Redmond (@jackieredmond) on


A photo posted by Jackie Redmond (@jackieredmond) on

Redmond currently hosts the show called Plays of the Month, which was a hit and led to the creation of another show called Misplays of the Month.

Basically, the show is the countdown of the best plays of the month and the other showcase all the silly, stupid stuff that happens in the sports.


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Jackie in an interview with the sharp magazine referred to the show as her baby and is very proud of these two shows. She is also the producer of these two shows and told that it has allowed her to be creative.

Redmond’s played hockey growing up and was always fond of the sport. She and her dad use to watch games together which inspired her to be a sports presenter.

She, in the same interview, told that hockey was the sport that helped her build a relationship with her dad.


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Jackie is a very career oriented person and takes her job very seriously. Her enthusiasm for sports landed her an opportunity to cover the Pan Pacific Championship swimming competition in 2014.

She went to the land down under to cover it and recalls it as one of her career highlights. She also covers all the new of WWE as well.

Jackie gained popularity as a presenter and is an uprising personality. Redmond will definitely make it big, and we wish her all the luck for her future.

Who is Jackie Redmond Dating? Past Affairs and Relationships

The 32 years Canadian apart from her talent is loaded with beauty and looks stunning despite her age.

She also ranked 54 in the top 60 sexiest female sports reporters of 2013. Anyone who sets their eyes on her will definitely give a second look.


A photo posted by Jackie Redmond (@jackieredmond) on

We don’t know for sure, but there were rumors about her dating Bio-Mechanical Engineer Dylan Rochon.

But there is no information about their love life like when they met when they started dating etc. Well, I guess she likes to keep her personal a secret and away from the media.

As for now we just can hope she is single and to anyone who has a crush on her take her out in karaoke date and sing with her, if you don’t she has no interest on you.

Quick Facts:

Is Jackie Redmond married?

Jackie is not married but he has been in a romantic relationship.

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