Who is Iyanla Vanzant Dating Currently After her Divorce with Charles Vanzant? Know her Affairs

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Life coach and Iyanla Vanzant stand as an inspiration to a lot of people as she is a motivational speaker and a renowned host of the show ‘Fix My Life.' Just like the rest of the topics, Vanzant has an interesting opinion about marriages.

Although the gorgeous woman has been married twice to the same man in the past, she firmly believes that marriage is an equal partnership and she would not do it again ever. 

Vanzant married her then-husband Charles Vanzant in 1973 which ended up in a divorce in 1979. When she appeared in OWN’s network’s primetime series, “It’s Not You, It’s Men”, she shared some of her words and advice. Let's get in details. Stay with us.

Lyanla Vanzant to never get married all over again

Lyanla Vanzant was married in the past which she doesn’t regret but claims never to do it again. When “It’s Not You, It’s Men”  show’s co-host Tyrese prompted a question which began with if Vanzant decides to do it all over again…, she replied saying that she would never do it all over again. 

Following Vanzant’s reply, Tyrese further asked her why she committed earlier than. Vanzant’s response was entirely an unexpected one as she admitted to having married her husband to seek her father’s approval, and then she opened up about what relationships do. She said:

“Here’s the thing, relationships are not where we go to have fun. Relationships are where we go to heal and where we go to learn. And who you’re going to attract is the person that’s going to bring to the forefront the thing you need to learn or heal or the thing that’s going to help you grow the most.”

Lyanla Vanzant dating someone

Vanzant further accused herself saying that she would not be a great wife based on current world’s definitions and standards. However, she is a great partner as she considers her partner as her equal.

?Lyanla Vanzant

Lyanla Vanzant

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Although Vanzant mentioned of her partner, she didn’t reveal anything more regarding her affair and the lucky person.

Lyanla Vanzant prefers to be a partner to husband

Vanzant says that wives have to do stuff that she isn’t doing that’s why she prefers to be a partner rather than a wife. She says that love and commitment can only exist among equals because if the balance is unequal, there’s no commitment.

Considering Vanzant’s words, It seems like women of a certain status aren’t so much into marriages, but are interested in having a partner. Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, etc. for examples. Well, as long as they are happy in their relationships, we believe there’s no reason to tie the knot.

Quick facts about Iyanla Vanzant:

Who is Iyanla Vanzant's ex-husband?

Iyanla Vanzant's ex-husband is Charles Vanzant.

When did Iyanla Vanzant and Charles Vanzant marry?

Iyanla Vanzant and Charles Vanzant married in 1973.

When did Iyanla Vanzant and Charles Vanzant get divorced?

Iyanla Vanzant and Charles Vanzant got divorced in 1979.

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