Who Is Geraint Vincent Dating Currently? Rumored Girlfriend Sarah Jane Mee, Details On His Affairs

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To have a stable life, love life and profession should go hand in hand. We have heard about lots of couples who gave priority to their profession and as a result had to lose the person they were in a relationship with! So balance is necessary.

Today we have a story of a British journalist, Geraint V. Vincent who currently is employed at the ITN as the Middle East Correspondent for ITV News. His successful career is one known aspect of the life of the British journalist. But how well known you are about the personal life of the TV star?

Is Vincent in a relationship, if so who is he dating? Or is he currently single? 

So, let's find out about the current relationship status of the British journalist here in Frostsnow.

Who is Geraint Vincent Dating Currently? His Relationship Status?

The British TV star/journalist has won millions of hearts through his shows on social issues and current political issues. But there is barely any news on his love life and affairs or the person with whom Vincent is sharing a relationship!

However, as per some reports, Vincent is currently single and has no previous dating history. Looks like the TV star is enjoying is singlehood and is totally focused on his career.

The British journalist/TV star Geraint V. Vincent who currently is employed at the ITN as the Middle East Correspondent for ITV News is reportedly currently single

 The British journalist/TV star Geraint V. Vincent who currently is employed at the ITN as the Middle East Correspondent for ITV News is reportedly single

Source: Twitter

With Vincent being secretive about his personal life, most of the people out there are unknown about his relationship status and frankly the same has been the issue with us.

But we have read about many celebrities who have been linked to their co-stars. So you may be wondering if it is the same in the case of Vincent as well. Well, in case you have guessed it, congrats! your assumptions are right; the actor has been linked with a lot of actress in the past.

So, who are those actresses? Was Vincent really in a relationship with them? Or the relationship was just an alleged one? Let's find out.

Was Geraint Vincent in a Relationship with his co-stars? 

In 2010, Vincent was linked with Sarah Jane Mee, a British newsreader/TV presenter. Sarah Jane is the former news presenter of ITV News Central recently employed at Sky News. So, what was the chemistry in between Vincent and his alleged girlfriend Sarah Jane?

Vincent was allegedly in a relationship with gorgeous Sarah Jane Mee, Sky News presenter in 2010 

Vincent was allegedly in a relationship with gorgeous Sarah Jane Mee, Sky News presenter in 2010

Source: Instagram

Though there were no pictures of Vincent and Sarah Jane together on the internet and neither were spotted together in any event or shows they were allegedly called boyfriend and girlfriend by FORUMS. Ever since people began to assume on their relationship.

But the news on their alleged relationship became lighter on the internet with the fall of 2010 and eventually just ended as a rumor. Moreover, none of them has given any official statement about their alleged relationship so far. As of 2017, it's been seven years and the TV stars are busy with their own career.

But after going through Sarah Jane's Instagram account we found out a picture of an engaged pregnant women. So, is the pregnant women in the picture Sarah Jane? In case she is the pregnant one in the picture, is it possible Vincent being the father of the child? Let's find out.

Is Sarah Jane a Pregnant? Who' s the Father?

On August 10, Sarah Jane posted the picture of a woman showing her baby bump on her Instagram account with the caption, 

"If you are expecting you might want some toast and #marmite with that cuppa this morning... One of the biggest ever breakthroughs in pregnancy research that could reduce the risk of birth defects and miscarriage is our top [email protected] #Sunrise 6am#goodnewsklaxon #pregnancy #mum #babybump #health".

Check out the picture.

Sarah Jane posted o picture of an engaged pregnant woman on her Instagram account on August 10

Sarah Jane posted o picture of an engaged pregnant woman on her Instagram account on August 10

Source: Instagram

After going through the caption, you all must be wondering if it's just a subject of the news she is going to cover next on her show Sunrise in the Sky New. Further, not even the face of the women in the picture above is visible which has made her fans unsure if the women in the picture is Sarah Jane or some one else. But before you decide, check out the picture below.

The gorgeous TV star Sarah Jane

The gorgeous TV star Sarah Jane

Source: Instagram

Have you all checked the picture well? Did you notice the ring on both of the pictures; the ring on both of the pictures has got a big diamond head? It appears the women in the pictures above is the TV star, Sarah Jane.

But with Sarah not disclosing anything on her pregnancy and her partner in life/husband. It still remains a mystery!  Hope, she addresses the women in the picture as soon as possible. 

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