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Home Gossip Who is Gala Gordon Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs, Relationship and Boyfriend

Who is Gala Gordon Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs, Relationship and Boyfriend

Shree Krishna Mon Jul, 2017
Who is Gala Gordon Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs, Relationship and Boyfriend

Love is the best seduction and worst hangover ever and when we mean it we mean it so. You all will agree with us on this if you ever have fallen so deeply for someone. This feeling is something that you can never portray in any canvas giving it a materialistic shape and is above all explanations.

There are no words to match this feeling. And there is only one way in and no way out. And above all these uncertainties we all at least once wanted to have this feeling. This is something we all ask to embrace even if it's just for once in our life.

And hereby while talking about the ones with fame, love is all the same. The celebrities too are human and desire to be in love with the person they feel is their perfect partner. Let's find it whether the love talks go as relevant to the life of this elegance defining actress Gala Gorden.

Is Gala Gorden recently in a relationship?

Gala Gorden, 26 born in Bryanston, UK is an American actress and a model. Literally, this famous actress is quite a dream girl but the thing that all of her fans wonder is; who literally is her "dream boy."  And it is evident as we tend to go down the road, we will find that the celebrities are often rumored to be in relationships, it's a different thing that sometimes the relationships just end as a rumor. 

Gorgeous Gala Gorden

Gorgeous American Actress Gala Gorden 

Source: Pinterest

This bold American actress is quite secretive when it comes to her relationships and love affairs. And till the date, none of the facts have been socialized about her love affairs. But recently we happen to find some of her party pictures that unexpectedly may turn the tables. Let's have a look at the pictures. 

Gala Gorden caught in Rodial Dinner with Rufus Taylor

Gara Gorden along with her mystery man

Source: WDW

The picture was taken at Rodial Dinner hosted by Poppy Delevingne and Maria Hatzistefanis in the month of January 2017. This cozy photo of Gala Gorden with her mystery man is certain to raise questions regarding her love life and her fans are eagerly looking forward to the mystery to be decoded. Then who is the "mystery man" in the group?

The mystery man is Rufus Tiger Taylor. Taylor is an English musician, best known as the drummer of The Darkness since May 2015 and as a touring drummer for the Queen and Adam Lamber stage show.

English musician and drummer Rufus Taylor

English musician and drummer Rufus Taylor

Source: Pinterest

Gala Gorden and Rufus were seen together in few of the events including a play reading of "Building The Wall" by Rober Schenkkan presented by Platform Presents at The Bush Theatre on May 30, 2017, in London, England.

Gala and Taylor spotted together in London, England

Gala and Taylor along with their friends in London on May 30, 2017

Source: GettyImages

There aren't any facts regarding these two being in a relationship, but Gala and Taylor were seen together in quite of times which might be an evidence for Gala's fans who think that Gala is currently in a relationship.

As a matter of fact, while going through Gala's Instagram, we found few interesting posts that too might be able to direct her fans in the way fulfilling their queries regarding Gala being in a relationship.

Check out Gala's Instagram post.


With my dancing partner ?? @chanelofficial ??by the brilliant @gregwilliamsphotography #Chanel #SerpentineSummerParty

A post shared by G A L A G O R D O N (@galagordon) on

There isn't any official statement from the American actress and model regarding Gala's relationship, but as we go through all the details, it is quite possible that Gala is currently in a relationship. 

We hope she soon reveals about her relationships, as her fans are waiting to know about her love affairs.

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