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Home Gossip Who is Eva Gutowski's dating Currently or is she still Single? Know about her Relationship

Who is Eva Gutowski's dating Currently or is she still Single? Know about her Relationship

Ashmita Karki Sun Aug, 2017
Who is Eva Gutowski's dating Currently or is she still Single? Know about her Relationship
The YouTube babe Eva Gutowski has been the matter of interest for a lot of people these days due to her ever rising fame. While a lot of girls are jealous of her gorgeous looks and amazing sense of style, boys just want to win her heart. However, all the men out there should know that the YouTuber is not single.
The 28-year-old star is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend Adam Bartoshesky. In fact, the pair has already been together for a year. If you don’t believe us, check out Eva’s Instagram which is filled with cute snaps with her boyfriend. Eva and Adam just give us relationship goals. Are you curious about Eva’s former affairs? Let’s dig in.

Eva Gutowski dating Adam Bartoshesky

Eva’s appearance with her beau towards the end of 2016 made people suspicious about her relationship with Adam because she hadn’t declared anything official then. Yet, no official acceptance has been made now as well and the question about when did they begin dating each other is still mysterious.
Eva Gutowski with her beau Adam Bartoshesky

 Source: Captain Barto

However, it is not hard to say that they are in a great relationship considering the love they show for each other on the social media. Adam can be seen all over Eva’s Instagram and similar is the case in Adam’s account as well.


Being embarrassing in Rome, Italy ??

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They don’t just post photos, but also write adorable captions with it that makes our heart melt.

Eva Gutowski indirectly accuses former beau Alex Hayes

Putting the light on Eva’s former affairs, you might be interested to know that she was in a relationship with Andrew Kingsbury and Alex Hayes before she dated Adam. The love affair between Eva and her former beau blossomed in summer 2016, but it couldn’t last long.
 Eva Gutowski  with former boyfriend Alex Hayes
Eva Gutowski with former boyfriend Alex Hayes?
Source: J-14
They parted ways in August of the same year. The reason behind their breakup wasn’t made public but soon after the split, Eva posted on Twitter revealing that she doesn’t want to date people who are only in it to gain fans and followers for themselves. It seemed like she was referring to nobody other than Alex.

Eva Gutowski comes out as bisexual

Just in case you don’t know, Eva is bisexual. Even though there are no records of Eva’s affair with a girl, she confessed about it through one of her YouTube videos post her split with Alex.
Watch Eva Gutowski confessing about being bisexual:

Whatever the past be, the only thing that matters at the moment is her relationship with Adam. She looks very happy and content with her new boyfriend. Their rich chemistry makes us believe that they might get married someday. Are you hopeful as well? Let’s wait for the happy news.