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Home Gossip Who is Daniel Sunjata dating with? Is the rumor of being a gay true?

Who is Daniel Sunjata dating with? Is the rumor of being a gay true?

Richa Wed Mar, 2016
Who is Daniel Sunjata dating with? Is the rumor of being a gay true?

Daniel Sunjata, who is currently 46 years' of age, is an actor best known for his role in the TV series Rescue Me as Franco Rivera. The actor has been known for being one of the most secretive stars of the Hollywood industry so most of us are unaware of who he is dating or what his romantic life has developed on to. 

Today, we are going to discuss about Daniel Sunjata Condon who was born on December 30, 1971. He has been in the industry for so long but, he has not yet revealed much about his personal relationships. Hence, we will explore his dating affairs in this column. Also, find details of rumors of him being gay.  

Without further ado, let's jump right in! 

Is Daniel Sunjata dating anyone? His Love Affairs and Relationships

Daniel Sunjata has kept his personal life details at bay so that no one can exploit his relationships and make a profit from it. The actor has been approached by a number of women to make him their spouse and have affair with him. However, he has not even once got into an affair with them. 

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American Actor Daniel Sunjata

American Actor Daniel Sunjata

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Daniel Sunjata is still in his search for a good spouse with who he could get married in his life. In 2015, one of the tabloids asked him about dating. When asked if he preferred dating in the workplace, he replied,

Dating in the workplace for me is a huge nay. I've had a personal rule about no romantic involvements with people that I work closely with ever since I was in grad school at NYU. Just always seemed like a bad idea - if it goes south, it affects the entire environment. 

Even though he is not open to dating in his workplace, he is open to finding his special one. 

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Once, Daniel Sunjata was rumored to have been dating his co-star Rosalba Sierra a couple of years back. The pair was seen together in a number of public events and places. However, none of them ever talked about each other's relationships. 

Is Daniel Sunjata Gay?

Yet, Daniel Sunjata is not gay, he is surprised to the fact that a number of media outlets and his fans as well are time and again speculating about his sexuality. The 46 years' old claims that he is not GAY. 

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While talking about being Gay, Daniel Sunjata replied that he was somebody who wanted to be able to portray every kind of role even if he had to follow an alternative lifestyle. 

I'm somebody who has no qualms about portraying a character who follows an alternative lifestyle. I'm somebody who's trying to engender more tolerance. 

Daniel Sunjata has been active in the filming industry since 1998 but, he has not even once let his personal romantic life details slip into to the media. 

Let's hope he reveals about his love life soon enough.