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Home Gossip Who is Colleen Ballinger Dating After Her Split With Husband Joshua Evans? Her Love Life

Who is Colleen Ballinger Dating After Her Split With Husband Joshua Evans? Her Love Life

Sabina Gartaula Thu Mar, 2018
Who is Colleen Ballinger Dating After Her Split With Husband Joshua Evans? Her Love Life

Colleen Ballinger is widely known for her Internet character Miranda Sings, with her YouTube Channel Miranda Sings having over 9.4 million subscribers. 31-year-old, Amerian YouTube sensation, comedian, singer, and actress, Collen was previously married to her long-term boyfriend Joshua David Evans, a YouTuber, and an actor. 

After divorcing her husband, Ballinger is currently engaged to her boyfriend Erik Stocklin as of 2018. The couple is soon to get married and is reported to be expecting a child. Want to know more about Colleen's relationship, affairs, and datings? Stick tight.

Colleen Ballinger's Relationship with Ex-Husband David: Marriage and Divorce

Colleen Ballinger often compared to some big names on YouTube like Shane Dawson and Lilly Singh is set to marry for the second time. But first, let's know about her previous marriage and reason for divorce.

She was previously married to fellow YouTuber Joshua David Evans. The pair started dating back in 2009 and were among the best YouTube couples. They made frequent appearances on each other's YouTube channel and on social media and looked adorable together. 

CAPTION: Colleen Ballinger and her ex-husband Joshua David Evans SOURCE: Pinterest

After almost 5 years of dating, the couple announced that they were engaged on April 5, 2014.  

A years later, in July 2015, Colleen and Joshua tied the knot, and she even made sure to upload a special video dedicated to their wedding ceremony.

Watch the video here

They looked amazing together as they appeared on each other's channel. However, after a year, Colleen dropped a bomb as she announced that she had filed for divorce through her YouTube channel. 

The news did not only shock fans but many were disappointed to know about it. They were officially divorced on 13th September 2016. 

Colleen And Johsua's Downfall: Reason for Divorce

After the news went viral, Joshua shared that she wanted a divorce because of his mental health. He shared a sentimental video that he loved her and wanted her in his life but Colleen, on the other hand, did not feel the same way.

They felt that it would be best for both of them to move on and live their life on their own. 

Watch the emotional video

The ex-couple were highly criticized by fans and followers for taking such step while her ex-husband needed her the most. 

Nonetheless, she decided to end the more than a year old marriage and 7 years relationship and has moved on. 

And now, after 2 years stating herself as single, Colleen is now set up to start her new life.

Colleen Ballinger Is Engaged: Pregnancy News Adds on 

Divorcing her husband was as hard for Colleen as it was for him. So, after the divorce, Colleen has been even more active on YouTube and has been working very hard.

She is focusing on her career a lot but recently in Feb of 2018, she uploaded a click bait video titled 'FINALLY REVEALING MY SECRET RELATIONSHIP!'

Watch the clickbait video here

In the thumbnail, she is hugging a man whose face is hidden by a heart emoji but a few seconds into the video, she shares her new book which is apparently her new serious relationship. 

Her new boyfriend was revealed to be Haters Back-Off star, Erik Stocklin. In June 2018, Colleen confirmed that she and Erik were engaged.

Even more, the happiness added up with a surprising fact that, she was 13 weeks pregnant at that time.


Surprise! Link in my bio.

A post shared by Colleen Ballinger (@colleen) on

The due of the child's birth is expected to be the New Year’s Day. It is revealed that the baby is a boy, though they haven't named him yet.

The couple is furthermore more seen together enjoying moments together eagerly waiting for their child to arrive.

We wish them best for further and eagerly waiting for the happy news to come up. 

Stay tuned for updates!