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Home Gossip Who Is Bernice Burgos Currently Dating? Her Look Before and After Plastic Surgery: Her Past Affairs

Who Is Bernice Burgos Currently Dating? Her Look Before and After Plastic Surgery: Her Past Affairs

Ashmita Karki Wed Dec, 2017
Who Is Bernice Burgos Currently Dating? Her Look Before and After Plastic Surgery: Her Past Affairs

If you are updated about the celebrities in 2017, you surely know much about Bernice Burgos. She is believed to be the most-talked-about lady of the year. Although she is an Instagram model with huge fans and followers, she rose to fame because of her alleged relationship with some top-level celebrities such as Chris Brown, T.I., and Drake. Moreover, the rumors of Bernice having plastic surgery is also all over the web.

How true are these rumors? What is going on in Bernice Burgos life? What about her alleged affairs? Keep reading to find all about her relationship and children:

Bernice Burgos and Chris Brown Dating Rumors, True or Not?

It wasn’t just us who heard or read the rumors about Bernice’s relationship as Bernice was also well aware of the stories. However, she didn't seem to actually enjoy the talks that were going on about her.

?Bernice Burgos and Chris Brown

?Bernice Burgos and Chris Brown

Source: YouTube

She opened up about her relationship with Chris Brown to HollywoodLife by saying that all of it is a lie and that there’s nothing going on. Bernice also suggested to not believe everything on the social media and internet.

Bernice Burgos' relationship with T.I.

Talking about Bernice and T.I, reports revealed that the two shared a brief relationship before T.I reconciled with his wife, Tameka Harris. Bernice later confirmed that she is just friends with T.I and claimed the rumors to be baseless. 

Bernice Burgos Addresses Dating Rumors, Plastic Surgery & Entrepreneurship:

She also addressed the conflicts with T.I.’s wife by saying that she wants everyone to be happy and get along, as she is not interested in creating drama in people’s life. Bernice accepted that she doesn’t even know Tameka well.

Bernice Burgos affair with rapper Drake

It is believed that Bernice was also in a low-key relationship with Drake. Although things are cold now, the two are still on good terms.

?Bernice Burgos enjoying with Drake

?Bernice Burgos enjoying with Drake

Source: Radar Online

When asked about Drake, Bernice says:

“He’s always been good to me and I’ve always been good to him. I will go to his wedding right now if he gets married. He’s surely going to invite me. Why not? I’m cool.”

Bernice Burgos and her daughters

Bernice is a mother of two children. Her eldest daughter, Ashley Burgos is 21 years old, and her younger daughter is 11. Hard to believe, right?


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Well, Bernice had her eldest daughter when she was 15 with her boyfriend, who was 19 years old back then.

Bernice Burgos confesses having plastic surgery

If you are wondering about the beauty of Bernice Burgos, you should know that the she has gone under the knife. She accepts that she has done a bit of everything. She also admitted getting her butt done.

?Bernice Burgos before and after the plastic surgery

Bernice Burgos before and after the plastic surgery

Source: ECelebrity Facts

Despite the past, Bernice is enjoying her singledom right now. Bernice can kill any man with her hot and sizzling looks. Thus she doesn’t have to push too much to get a guy for herself. 

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