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Home Gossip Who is Bennet Omalu Married to?.Know about his married life.

Who is Bennet Omalu Married to?.Know about his married life.

Arjun Sedai Wed Dec, 2016
Who is Bennet Omalu Married to?.Know about his married life.

Bennet Omalu is the neuropathologist who discovered one of the major medical innovations of the 21st century. His innovation was something that challenged the U.S NFL and that made him secure the most authoritative position of the Corporation.

He is married to his long-time girlfriend Prema Mutiso. He has a small and happy family of four members, his two children Mark and Ashly.

Bennet Omalu and Prema Mutiso married life

Bennet Omalu's wife Prema is a Nurse from Kenya, Nairobi who later moved to America to continue her further study. She went to Pittsburgh Church where her future to be husband Bennet was practicing catholic. They saw each other for the first time in a party but they couldn't change the meeting to a conversation. Later on, he was committed to introducing himself to her and luckily one day met her after the church.

Bennet was very expressive and often used to leave gifts on her doorstep. This subsequently turned their relationship into something more than friendship. When Bennet was in the initial phase of his future innovation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, they began dating each other. Soon, Prema began helping Bennet which gave them plenty of time to stay together.

Bennet Omalu & Prema Mutiso

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Bennet with all the courage somehow managed to propose Prema for marriage. Prema who was equally in love with Bennett accepted the marriage proposal and both of them exchanged the vow. Since then they are together and the love has not decreased a bit for each other.

In the image above Bennet Omalu & Prema Mutiso with children Ashly and Mark and be seen giving pose on the released of Concussion film, which is based on his real life.

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Bennet Omalu and Prema Mutiso Children

After the marriage, Bennet and Prema switched to California where Prema gave birth to Bennet’s two children: son Mark Omalu and daughter Ashly Omalu (first child). Bennet and Prema seem to love their children very much. The Omalu family occasionally goes for vacation and takes a break from their hectic schedule.

Bennet Omalu & Prema Mutiso with two children on holiday


Bennet was raised in Nigeria and later made a move to America. In 2015, he became a permanent American citizen. Same year Bennet's life story was made into a major motion film starring popular actor Will Smith and the film was titled Concussion. His medical discoveries and film provided him the much-needed attention which turned him into a successful and most powerful person of American Football Corporation.

Bennet Omalu with Actor Will Smith clicked while working on the film Concussion

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Bennet Omalu seems to be loving his time with wife and kids. He is seen making public appearances in events and programs. The couple has passed a hard time together and we hope they continue to do so in the future. We wish the couple all the very best.

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