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Home Gossip Who is Barry Bostwick Currently Dating after his Second Divorce? Know his Married life

Who is Barry Bostwick Currently Dating after his Second Divorce? Know his Married life

Ashmita Karki Fri Apr, 2017
Who is Barry Bostwick Currently Dating after his Second Divorce? Know his Married life

Celebrity marriage and divorce are not a new thing to talk about as they are too mainstream. However, we like to hear about the marriages that last forever. As we often hear the phrase ‘marriages are made in heaven,' some marriage fall apart.

Today, we have brought a similar story of a celebrity whose relationship with his wife is in great terms despite the years. Well, his married life worked on the second shot as was already married and divorced once in the past.

It’s none other than the ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ star Barry Bostwick. Bostwick is one of the hit actor of his time who has appeared in several movies and series. He is still active as an actor despite being 72 years old. His professional life is not a mystery, but only a few people know about his married life.

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Barry Bostwick personal life

Born and raised in California, Bostwick is a man with talents and dedication. He has a glorious career as an actor. However, Bostwick has kept his personal life quite low-key. 

Barry Bostwick

Barry Bostwick

Source: MTV

Thus, only a small part of his love life is made known by him. It seems like Bostwick never wanted to shift people’s attention from his profession to his personal life.

Barry Bostwick married actress Stacey Nelkin

Bostwick was married to Stacey Nelkin in 1987. Bostwick and Nelkin’s married life was good in the beginning, but things started to get quite rough for the pair. By 1991, their marriage was on the rocks.

Barry Bostwick's first wife Stacey Nelkin

Barry Bostwick's first wife, Stacey Nelkin

Source: Pop geeks

Eventually, their relationship as a husband and wife ended as they got divorced in 1991.

Barry Bostwick married Sherri Ellen Jensen

Bostwick didn’t give up on love and gave it another try after meeting Sherri Ellen Jensen, his current wife. Bostwick and Jensen tied the knot in 1994. Together they make a great pair. Bostwick shares an incredible chemistry with Jensen which might be the reason behind their long-lasting marriage.

Barry Bostwick and Sherri Ellen Jensen children

Jensen is the mother of Bostwick’s two children. They have a son, Brian Bostwick and a daughter, Chelsea Bostwick. They are a complete family of four.

Barry Bostwick with his two kids

Barry Bostwick with his two kids

Source: Name candy

Barry Bostwick past affairs and date

If you are thinking about Bostwick’s past love affairs, we’re pretty sure that the good looking guy might have dated many women in the past, but only one of his affairs is known. Bostwick dated actress Lisa Hartman before his marriages, that is, in 1980. Sadly, their relationship didn’t work out which eventually ended in a break up in 1984.

video: Barry Bostwick interview

Bostwick’s current married life with Jensen is going great. There are no rumors of divorce between the pair which makes us believe that they won’t separate in the near future too.