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Home Gossip Who Is Bai Ling? Is She Single or Married? Know About Her Relationship And Affairs

Who Is Bai Ling? Is She Single or Married? Know About Her Relationship And Affairs

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Aug, 2017
Who Is Bai Ling? Is She Single or Married? Know About Her Relationship And Affairs

Bai Ling is one of the hottest and sexiest Canadian-American actresses who is most known for her bold and nude photo shoots. She has appeared in various renowned movies like The Crow, Red Corner, Three... Extremes, Crank: High Voltage, Anna and the King, Wild Wild West, and Southland Tales.

Besides appearing in movies, Ling has also appeared in various popular television series like Entourage and Lost. Like her professional career, the personal life of Bai Ling is also pretty interesting. The 50-year-old Bai Ling carries a long list of boyfriends but the question is if she is dating someone currently or not?

Well, today we will get inside her personal life and dig out all the details about her love affairs and dating life. Just stay with us.

Bai Ling's Current Relationship Status: Is She Dating Anyone?

Talking about the current relationship status of Bai Ling, it looks like she is currently single and not dating anyone. Not in any of her recent interviews, she has hinted of any romantic relationship she is in currently.

Also, none of her Instagram posts are full proved evidence of her romantic affairs, however, there are a few pictures of her with men whom we may assume as her boyfriend or husband.

Here're some of those photos, guys check it out.


Me with #michaelmadsen hanging out on the beach Malibu haha I am wondering what is he going to do to me ? ????????he is such a fantastic #actor I am not sure if we ever worked together ? Maybe we did? But we all know #QuentinTarantino brilliant #director I love his film and love to work with him one day soon! ????????I remember we saw each other in #hollywood #premiere and he pulled me to the corner and said to me: Bai Ling I saw your movie #dumplings wow such a fantastic movie , and your performance just .... one of the #bestperformance of the year !!! He was going on and on about the movie... And I was so surprised that he saw this movie and give me such a compliment very grateful ????then I realized he loves #asiancinema this film was made in #hongkong And the film also released here by @lionsgate #lionsgate Actully he got a very good taste , and I am very proud of that movie I created a character that is so different from myself, and I actually #won the asian #oscar for my acting and also won additional 4 most important #acting #awards in asia hongkong #taiwan and #china very happy and proud ?????????? go check it out, think its on @netflix #netflix #leadinglady #academe #award #winner #actress Cookie: let's strive for the very best and give our best to what we do, because we were born with that unique powerful #talend ???????????? #malibu #filming #moviestar #movie #chineseactress #bailing @hollywoodreporter @variety @voguemagazine @vanityfair @usweekly @netflix @people @gq @nytimes @latimes @nytimesfashion @nydailynews @20thcenturyfox @sony @paramountpics @wbpictures @disneymovies @hbo @dailymail @chinadaily_cn @okmagazine @lifeandstyleweekly @instagram @instylemagazine @intouchweekly @michaelmadsenofficial

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Sharing you a fun story #onset : Me and Tom going to #movieset now there is not enough seats in the #car and he ask me to seat on his #lap ??????????it's funny he told me a story : he had #crush on me all this time ?? he said when I just got to #Hollywood we were in an event in #Roosevelthotel and he saw me and he was like who is this girl so #hot and then he was chasing after me, but I was running around #blowing #bubbles ??he said he was trying to talk to me but I said no I want blowing my bubbles , then he said I want to get you a #drink and talk to you, then I had 2 guys there with me my agent or PR, but he said hi I just want to talk to her. Then I was just still running around so happy blowing bubble, and then I said to him gain: no I just want to blowing my bubbles .... haha that was so #funny ?????? I am not sure if I remembered that but I am starting to now that I think about it?????? you know #onset we have to be in #goodmood #joke around I said to him : ok from now you are my #official onset #fakeboyfriend ???????? ????haha we are #laughing like crazy ?? but I like him , he is so much fun like a #kid a very good actor just like me ?????????? #tomsizemore @tom.sizemore #setlife #movieset #filming #actresslife #hollywood #elegant #classy #team #chineseactress #hotfashion #hollywoodgossip @hollywoodreporter @voguemagazine @vanityfair @usweekly @people @enews @glamourmag @variety @instagram @instylemagazine @okmagazine @wonderwomanfilm @entertainmenttonight @marvel @dccomics @glamourmag @okmagazine @lifeandstyleweekly @realbailing @lifeandstyleweekly @intouchweekly @enews #gossip @nbcsnl @comedycentral @theellenshow @gq

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Are we in #character #onset ? Wonder what they are thinking ? What's the #relationship ? They both seamed lost to me, am I right ? Cookie: the mystery is in the thoughts behind , it's always that way.... glad we have no #iphone with us , just like real #life With my #costars #tomsizemore #setlife #filmset #filming #actresslife #hollywood #classicmovie #exotic #elegant #classy #chineseactress #hotfashion @hollywoodreporter @voguemagazine @vanityfair @usweekly @people @enews @glamourmag @variety @instagram @instylemagazine @okmagazine @wonderwomanfilm @entertainmenttonight #wonderwoman @marvel @dccomics @glamourmag @okmagazine @lifeandstyleweekly @realbailing @lifeandstyleweekly @intouchweekly @enews @tomsizemore @nbcsnl @_marvelcomic #shooting #rosarito #mexico #filming #actor #action #afternoon #makeupchair #superhot #superhero @marvel #hollywood @variety @tom.sizemore

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Although she seems pretty comfortable with the guys in the picture, nothing can be said for sure. In case she is really in a relationship with any of the guys in the picture, we hope she comes up to address it herself.

Past Love Affairs of Bai Ling: The List of Her Boyfriends

Though Bai Ling is currently single, she carries a long list boyfriend who she dated in the past. Bai Ling first dated an American pop musician Chris Isaak.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Bai Ling and Chris Isaak

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Bai Ling and Chris Isaak

Source: whosdatedwho

They began dating in 1999 but their relationship didn't last for more than a year and they broke up in 2000.

Relationship With Bill Maher

Three years after her break up with Chris, Ling went on to date an American Comedian and television personality Bill Maher.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Bill Maher and Bai Ling

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Bill Maher and Bai Ling

Source: wireimage

The couple began dating in 2003 but it was a short-term relationship as they broke up the same year they started their affair.

Relationship With Damon Elliott

In 2007, a new regarding Ling's romantic relationship with an American music producer Damon Elliott came in the media. The couple seemed strongly bonded with each other and even appeared in many photo shoots together.

Former romantically linked boyfriend and girlfriend: Damon Elliott and Bai Ling

Damon Elliott and Bai Ling

Source: kaistuht

Unfortunately, the couple called off their relationship just after a year of dating.

Relationship With Lionel Richie

Just after a year of her break up with Damon, Ling went on to date a popular American singer-songwriter Lionel Richie.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Lionel Richie and Bai Ling

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Lionel Richie and Bai Ling

Source: zimbio

They began dating in 2009 but eventually separated without citing the reason behind their split.

As of now, looks like Ling is single, hope she finds someone perfect for herself.

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