Who is award-winning author Rajan Thapaliya? His net worth, career, and awards revealed right here

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A great writer once said, "Beautiful is he who does beautiful work."
That writer is none other than Rajan Thapaliya. He is a motivational, inspirational and self-help writer whose meaningful perception inspires a lot of people. He is the author of several books about love, life, and success. 

Well, talking about some personal details about him, Rajan, who currently resides in New York, is originally from Nepal. He is a student of Pace University. He had a passion for writing since middle school, and his writing style is appreciated by people all around the world. Therefore, we can say that he has been successful in gaining a lot of followers and appreciators easily. Ever since his childhood, Rajan has been a library kid. He spent most of his time in libraries. He was a frequent reader of newspapers as well.

If you guys are wondering where Nepal is then let me remind you — it’s the homeland of world’s highest mountain, Mt.Everest. We see now why award-winning author Rajan has a writing that reflects so much pureness and positivity. During his amazing career as a writer, he has written Think About It, Simple Rules, Life is Not Easy, Turning Point, Amazing Business Ideas, and The Miracle of Life. His books are available in Barnes and Novel, eBay, Amazon, and all over the world. By keeping track of the number of books he has written and the successful sales they have made, we can automatically calculate Rajan's achievements so far.

His book ‘Life Is Not Easy’ was nominated for the Nobel Literature Prize-2015 awards at the Swedish Academy.

Despite being so popular, Rajan’s net worth and salary haven’t been disclosed yet.  


During an interview, Rajan said, “I have loved reading from my very childhood. I read many books — more than five thousand rare books of all the religions, philosophies, poetry, science, and literature, but with no purpose; only I enjoyed it. I always believe in myself. Success is never permanent. Failure is never final. Don’t give up, please try, try and try. Definitely, one day you will reach your destination. So always, do not stop the effort until your victory makes a history.”