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Home Gossip Who is Angela Bettis dating after divorcing husband Kevin Ford? Why do they divorce?

Who is Angela Bettis dating after divorcing husband Kevin Ford? Why do they divorce?

Ashmita Karki Wed Nov, 2016
Who is  Angela Bettis dating after divorcing husband Kevin Ford? Why do they divorce?

American film and stage actress Angela Bettis is a well-known personality. She is not only an actress but also a successful producer and director. This gorgeous yet talented lady was married to Kevin Ford in the past. Sadly, her relationship with Ford could not last long. They ended up in a sad divorce. Let’s find out more.

Angela Bettis personal life is mysterious

Hardworking actress Bettis is career-focused. She seems like kind of mysterious, as she has not revealed much about her personal life. She has successfully kept her professional and personal life apart.

Image: Angela Bettis

Angela Bettis former husband Kevin Ford

Bettis’ former husband Ford is a Cinematographer. Till date he has worked in some famous movies such as Stone Barn Castle, People Are Dead, etc. When Bettis tied the knot with Ford, everyone thought that they would last long. However, things did not turn out as it was planned to fro Bettis and Ford. They separated in a sad divorce. Bettis has chosen not to speak about the reason behind her divorce. Thus, the truth behind Bettis and Ford’s divorce is mysterious.

Image: Angela Bettis

Angela Bettis is single currently

After the divorce with Ford, Bettis has not dated anyone. In fact, her name has not been linked with any of her co-stars as well. Thus can say that her relationship status is single at the moment as she doesn't have a boyfriend. Moreover, she is not involved in any kind of love affairs. It seems like Bettis is less interested in men and more focused on her profession.

Image: Angela Bettis

Angela Bettis is hard working

43-year-old Bettis is a Texas born lady. She is a Westlake High School graduate. During her career span, she has worked in some amazing movies such as ‘Girl Interrupted’, ‘May’, ‘Carrie’, ‘The Woman’, etc. She entered into the movie industry through a romantic movie named ‘Sparrow’. Later, she attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Subsequently, she worked on other projects such as ‘The Last Best Sunday’, ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and ‘Bless the Child’, ‘Broadway’, ‘Sick Girl’, ‘The Woods’, ‘Roman’, ‘The Woman’, ‘Toolbox Murders’, and many more.

Image: Still from Angela Bettis' movie 'MAY'

Anglea Bettis has no time for love

Thus by looking at Bettis’ progressive career we can guess why she has no time to find a new lover. However, the other reasons could be, Betty has not found the right guy yet or she has not been able to get over her divorce with Ford. Whatever the reason might be, we hope Bettis is happy with her life at the moment, because in the end happiness is the only thing that matters.

Image: Angela Bettis

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