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Home Gossip Who is Ambika Anand husband? Know about her married life and relationship

Who is Ambika Anand husband? Know about her married life and relationship

Dilip Adhikari Thu Mar, 2017
Who is Ambika Anand husband? Know about her married life and relationship

Ambika Anand is an Indian anchor and editor, is pretty fashionable Indian journalist as she has won Best Lifestyle and Fashion Show in 2010 but we all know her by the show Good Times in NDTV. Well, you might not know that she always wanted to be a journalist from her childhood. Here you can find more of this kind of things about her. We are going to disclose all about her lifestyle married life and personal information as we move forward in the article.

Ambika Anand an Indian anchor is a popular name in Indian TV. With the combination of beauty and talent, she has been working in NDTV with different shows of weddings, fashions, travel and lifestyle and much more.

Her work in NDTV started at the end of 2002, where she worked for two years and Ambika left the job to work in Department of Communication of the International Labour Organization, Geneva but she rejoined the job at the end of 2005. Let’s find out about her relationships.

Is Ambika Anand a wedding planner?

Completing her study from Cardiff Business School in economics, she joined NDTV and became a journalist. Even though she is the kind of girl who everyone wants to be with (due to her beauty and personality) Ambika is not seen dating anyone.

Ambika and her client

Ambika and her client

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She is an anchor in the shows related to the weddings like The Big Fat Indian Wedding and Band Baja Bride which lets the world know about Indian tradition and culture. It’s seen that average American wedding costs $ 29000 with 140 guests, according to whereas Indian wedding in the US is $ 65,000 with 500 guests, according to Ruchir Mewawala.

With all those money, people want someone who is great so that the money they invested won’t be wasted. For that, they hire Ambika Anand who is an amazing wedding planner with lots of experience and talent as she does a television show on the wedding she is the best that people can get out of their money.


Ambika Anand

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Is Ambika Anand Married?

Ambika Anand who anchors the shows like Indias’s big fat fast wedding and Band Baja Bride. Well, that’s a mystery we cannot solve because as seen in all her programs, she is not so open about herself to her fans and followers in any of her social networking sites.

Though there have been rumors that she is married but we cannot confirm until we get any photos of her wedding or Ambika herself confirming the news.  Rumors, a word that keeps people going round and round searching for the truth from one place to another.


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Since there are no photos and her confirming the news, we can say that she is still single and ready to mingle. We wish her a very bright future and hope she reveals the secret love pretty soon as the world is waiting.