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Home Gossip Who is Allisyn Ashley Arm Boyfriend? Know about her Current Affairs and Relationship

Who is Allisyn Ashley Arm Boyfriend? Know about her Current Affairs and Relationship

Ashmita Karki Mon Jun, 2017
Who is Allisyn Ashley Arm Boyfriend? Know about her Current Affairs and Relationship

If you are a super fan of Disney channel and grew up watching it, you might remember ‘Zora Lancaster’ from ‘Sonny with a Chance’. Although she portrayed the role of Lancaster, her real name is Allisyn Ashley Arm who is a successful actress and sketch comedian.

In course of her amazing career, she has gained a huge fan following because of her immense acting skills, great sense of humor, amazing personality and gorgeous looks. If you are one of her fans, then you might already know that the 21-year-old star is no single.

Ashley is in a relationship with her boyfriend Dylan Riley Snyder who is also a former Disney Channel star and is a great comedian. We bet having same roots and into comedy has helped strengthen the pair’s relationship. Read the full article:

Allisyn Ashley Arm is dating Dylan Riley Snyder

There’s not a slight disagreement to the fact that Snyder and Ashley make a super cute couple. They have been dating since 2015.

Allisyn Ashley and Dylan Snyder

Allisyn Ashley Arm and boyfriend Dylan Snyder

Source: J-14

It quite amazing to see how Ashley and Snyder are so into each other even though they have been together for 2 years already. 

Allisyn Ashley Arm love is in the air

Just in case you haven’t checked into Ashley or Snyder’s social networking, they are all over each other’s Instagram. They keep on posting adorable photos of and with each other which makes all of us go aww. It seems like Ashley and Snyder share a great bond of understanding and support. Sometimes, they are even seen wearing some outfit and other times they color coordinate their attire. 

Allisyn Ashley and Dylan Snyder

Allisyn Ashley Arm with boyfriend Dylan Snyder

Source: Pinterest

Ashlyn’s boyfriend posted an adorable photo on the occasion of Valentine’s Day where he thanked her for taking him to the Getty museum. Similarly, Ashlyn also added another photo from the same day on Valentine’s Day to convey her love for Snyder. See it yourself:


Allisyn Ashley Arm dated William Brent in the past

If you’re wondering about Ashlyn’s other affair, then you might be interested to know that she has been in a relationship before dating Snyder. She dated actor William Brent in 2009. Since Ashlyn was only 13 years old then, we believe that there was no seriousness in her relationship with Brent. That’s why their love affair might not have lasted longer.

Read more about William Brent.

Watch Allisyn Ashley Arm and Dylan Snyder interview during Dream Halloween 2016:

However, there’s nothing to lament about as Ashlyn has already found the Mr. Right for her. We hope her relationship with her boyfriend Snyder goes well in coming days as well. We would be more than happy to see the two lovebirds getting married.

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