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Home Gossip Alfred Enoch gay or straight? Who is his Girlfriend and Find out his Dating History

Alfred Enoch gay or straight? Who is his Girlfriend and Find out his Dating History

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu Feb, 2017
Alfred Enoch gay or straight? Who is his Girlfriend and Find out his Dating History

The news of Alfred Enoch being gay is all over the internet and has been in the headlines several times. The dashing and extremely talented British actor, best known for portraying the role of Dean Thomas in Harry Potter, Alfred Enoch is currently dating someone completely falsifying the statement regarding he is being gay.

Is it true that he really is dating someone? Or is he still single? Is he actually gay? along with these, there are many other questions regarding his personal life that have engrossed the mind of his fans. Don't worry, we are here to give all the answers to your questions. Just stay with us.

Alfred Enoch is dating someone denying the statement of being gay

It is always weird for people to be stuck on a question about any one's sexuality rather than for the job he does. So far he has been seen with both male and female friends completely fitting into their company. What does this mean? Is he asexual?



Absolutely not. Just because he is associated closely with some male friends, we can reach to the point that he is a gay. There is a high probability that they might be his close best friends.



How To Get Away With Murder

A photo posted by Alfie Enoch (@alfie.enoch) on


Scrolling down his Instagram account, we found this picture. You might be wondering, what's the picture for? Actually, it's not the picture but the comments below the picture from his female friends actually prove the point that Alfred is not a gay.

Moreover, moving towards Alfred's dating history it has been 110% confirmed that he is not a gay. You might be thinking that how can we say that very confidently. Actually, Alfred has mentioned about his girlfriend in many of his interviews telling that he purchased a plane ticket to the US for his girlfriend to visit him.

Alfred with Alfie

CAPTION: Alfred with Alfie

SOURCE: Famewatcher

Also, there is the rumor that Alfred once had an affair with Alfie, who is co-starring in an upcoming legal drama series, How to Get Away With Murder. But there is no confirmation has revealed from the guy.

In his another interview, Alfred has also revealed that he has a British girlfriend while explaining his adaptation of the British accent.

Alfred with Aja Naomi King

CAPTION: Alfred with Aja Naomi King

SOURCE: Pinterest

After being in several relationships, a big revelation came regarding Alfred's personal life. The news is that Alfred is currently dating his girlfriend Aja Naomi King, his co-star from How to Get Away with Murder. The couple first met while shooting for the show toward the fall of 2014.

At that same time, Alfred was in a relationship with his girlfriend but Alfred’s relationship did not survive as he broke up with his girlfriend during December 2014.

Video: Alfred and Aja Naomi in 46th NAACP Image Awards 

As soon as Alfred broke up with his ex-girlfriend, he again began his beautiful love story with a very famous actress Aja Naomi King in the beginning of the year 2015. The above video shows us how strong their relationship is, as they are announcing their relationship to the public by hugging each other tightly.

After this much long discussion, we can finally assure that Alfred is not a gay and he is in a cute relationship with Aja Naomi. Even after being in the relationship for over a year, they are living their life with same love and passion.

Alfred Enoch's fans want to see him succeed in whatever he does and we are no exception. We wish all the very best to the couple for their future both in their professional and personal life.