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Home Gossip Who is Alexis Maas Dating After The Death of Her Husband Johnny Carson?Past Affairs & Relationship

Who is Alexis Maas Dating After The Death of Her Husband Johnny Carson?Past Affairs & Relationship

Chandra Rana Tue Jan, 2018
Who is Alexis Maas Dating After The Death of Her Husband Johnny Carson?Past Affairs & Relationship

Johnny Carson, born on October 23, 1925, was an American talk show host and comedian who ruled the late night tv shows from 1962 to 1992 with his show The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Carson, who received the President Medal of Freedom in 1992 has been married 4 times in his life.

Carson, the father of 3 children lived happily with his fourth wife, Alexis Maas. But following Johnny's death in 2005, his wife is left alone. The couple was in a marital relationship for 18 years. So, how was Alexis and Johnny's relationship before Johnny's death? Is Alexis Maas dating currently? Let's find out.

Is Alexis Dating a New Man? Her Current Relationship Status

Alexis Maas, 66, has been living with her husband Johnny since 1987, but unfortunately, Johnny Carson died due to emphysema on January 23, 2005. 

Johnny, who had a net worth around $300 million, got numerous tributes on his death including of then-president George H.W. Bush.

Alexis, however, has kept her personal life low since Johnny's death and seems to be contactless with the media.

Johnny Carson's fourth wife Alexis Maas  

The fourth wife of Johnny Carson, Alexis Maas

Source: Frost Snow


There are no reports of Alexis Maas being indulged in a love affair ever after the death of her spouse. However, there are many speculations that claim about Alexis secret relationship. Well, no judgment can be made without proof.

Let's wait for the time to reveal the truth.

Alexis Maas Married Life with Johnny Carson

As mentioned above, Alexis Maas is the fourth wife of Carson. They got married on June 20, 1987, in Malibu, California after dating for a couple of years. But, the details of their relationship beginning is not disclosed.

Johnny and Alexis reportedly went on the Mediterranean for their honeymoon on the beautiful Parts V yacht, which is estimated to be around $6.5 million

Johnny Carson and his wife Alexis Maas during their honeymoon

Johnny Carson and his wife, Alexis Mass on the beach

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The marriage relationship between Johnny Carson and Alexis Mass was going well, but misfortune stepped into their love life as Johnny passed away.

Unlike Johnny's past relationship, their relationship was free from conflicts and divorce rumors.

Alexis Maas with her late husband Johnny Carson

Alexis Maas with her late husband Johnny Carson

Source: Pens & Patron

Really a great loss!

Talking about the past relationship, Alexis has no records of past affairs. But unlike Alexis, Johnny had been in a few relationships.

Past Affairs of Johnny Carson

Johnny got married to his first wife, Joan Morrill on October 1, 1948, but their relationship lasted for 14 years as they divorced on May 25, 1963

Soon after that, on August 17, 1963, Johnny married, Joanne Copelandbut the couple divorced on June 21, 1972. Copeland received $6,000 per month in alimony before Johnny's passed away.

However, the reason for their divorce is still a mystery.

Johnny Carson and his second wife Joanne Carson

Johnny Carson and his second wife, Joanne Carson

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Johnny later married for the third time with Joanna Holland. The couple secretly got married on September 30, 1972, which was revealed later that evening on Tonight Show's 10th-anniversary party.

However, the duos got divorced after 15 years in August 1985 while Holland received $20 million in cash and property in compensation.

Johnny Carson's Children

Well, Johnny reportedly shared children his first wife only. Although the children's details are not disclosed, Carson fathered his 3 sons namely Christopher, Cory, and Richard.

As reported, Johnny named his son Christopher after his parental grandfather. Let's have a look at their family photo.

Johnny Carson with his wife and 3 sons

Johnny Carson playing with his 3 sons shared with the first wife

Source: NY Daily

You may not know but, Johnny's son Richard was killed on June 21, 1991, after a car plunged him down. The accident reportedly occurred while he was taking pictures along a paved service road in the north of San Luis Obispo.

As of now, the family has kept the curtains over their personal life.

Quick facts about Alexis Maas:

When did Alexis Maas and Johnny Carson get married?

Alexis Maas and Johnny Carson married on 20th June 1987.

Is Alexis Maas dating anyone after Johnny Carson's death?

Alexis Maas isn't reported to be dating anyone after her husband's death.