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Home Gossip An Excerpt From Christie Brimberry Love Life: Also Her Marital Relationship With Husband Darren Brimerry

An Excerpt From Christie Brimberry Love Life: Also Her Marital Relationship With Husband Darren Brimerry

Sabina Gartaula Thu May, 2018
An Excerpt From Christie Brimberry Love Life: Also Her Marital Relationship With Husband Darren Brimerry

American reality TV star Christie Brimberry is best known as one of the representatives on Discovery Channel’s series Fast N’ Loud, alongside Aaron Kaufman. She is tied in a marital knot with husband Darren Brimerry. She has six children in total and sources claim that two of them are from her previous marriage.

The 25-year-old is also recognized as the assistant of Gas Monkey Garage’s owner Richard Rowling. As of now, she has accumulated a lot of fans and now has almost 300,000 followers on her Instagram.

Leaving her professional life behind, here we are going to share some information about her marital relationship with husband Darren Brimerry, her children, and former marriage.

Christie Brimberry Marital Life With Husband Darren Brimerry: Know More About Their Children

Brimberry is currently married to her husband Darren Brimerry, who is a hairdresser, and she also revealed through her Instagram that her husband is her boss Richard Rowling’s hairdresser too. Likewise, sources also claim that he works at Muse The Salon.

CAPTION: Christie-Brimberry-and-her-husband-Daren-Brimberry
SOURCE: eceleb-gossip

People stereotypically think that when someone is a reality TV star, they tend to share everything about their personal life just for publicity. However, when it comes to Brimberry, things are very different. She is very conservative, and she shares very little information about her family and personal life.

According to sources, Mr. and Mrs. Brimerry have been married for more than 20 years but their exact wedding date is not available.

CAPTION: Christie Brimberry's wedding dress
SOURCE: eceleb-gossip

Furthermore, she has six children, and it is claimed that the two of her eldest children are from her previous marriage. But there are no reliable bases to this claim.

Her eldest child is 20-year-old son Malik Grinage, who was born on July 1997. The proud mother uploaded a picture of his son after he completed graduated from Birdville High School in 2016.


I am so proud @malikg_10 !! We made it!! I love you to the moon! #happytears

A post shared by Christie Brimberry (@gmgchristie) on

Her second child, a daughter Jordan Grinage, was born in 1999. Through the proud mama’s Instagram, it is clear that she is currently enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University and is also a Gold line dancer for the university.

Even though Brimerry is very open about the eldest two children, she does not share much information about the four young children. The only names of the children we know of are Abigale Grinage, and Billie Modon and the mother has not given any specification about her other two children.

CAPTION: Christie-Brimberry-and-youngest-children
SOURCE: Height Line

We do not question why she is keeping her children’s identity a secret but is apparently because of security reasons.

Christie Brimberry Past Marriages 

It is not just a rumor that Brimberry was married beforehand. It is indeed very true that she is a former divorcee, but it is surprising how she has been able to keep the information about her ex-husband so private.

There are no details about the name, age, occupation or others about her ex-husband. There are not even pictures of her and the man on the internet. Likewise, no man has come forward claiming that he is the ex-husband of the reality TV star.

Watch Christie Brimberry in Fast N' Loud.  

Nevertheless, she is currently happily married and has already lived over two decades of marriage. We wish her happiness and prosperity in her family life and career.