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Home Gossip Who Is Brittanya O'Campo Currently Married To? Her Unsuccessful Relationships & Children

Who Is Brittanya O'Campo Currently Married To? Her Unsuccessful Relationships & Children

Shree Krishna Wed Nov, 2018
Who Is Brittanya O'Campo Currently Married To? Her Unsuccessful Relationships & Children

Brittanya O'Camp is a well-known name from the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. Brittanya is a model, TV personality and adult actress. Brittanya's appearance on the American reality TV series Rock of Love Bus on VH1 and Charm School: 3 lead her to stardom.

Brittanya has an army of followers on the social media platforms with 11.5 million followers on her Instagram page brittanya187 and 323K on her Twitter page. Brittanya is a married woman and shares two children with husband Lucky Moe Razavi.

Brittanya also has a child, whom she had at the age of 15. The mother of three still looks so gorgeous!!

Brittanya O'Campo Had a Child at 15

Brittanya O'Camp, who owns two international brands such as 187 Clothing line and MeowGang, had a rough childhood. At the age of 15, her father was sent to prison and Brittanya was brought up on her own. Not much is known about her mother.

Brittanya had a rough growing phase. At the age of 15, she gave birth to a child, who is reportedly living with Brittanya's grandfather. The identity of her first child and the child's father hasn't been publicized. 

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Love & Loyalty??When I was locked up, He would drive 6 hours round trip every Saturday to visit me for 7 months straight.?? When I said Fuk the Fame, I want a Family! He said let’s do it! & gave me my two sons?? I told him at any given time he can walk away scotch free & I wouldn’t ask him for a Dime or his Time for our kids...Yet he stays!!?? When I fired all my management, he said he would take over and help manage me and look over all my companies, I went from making 40K a month to 200K a month & I’ll never forget when he supported me when I had nothing so I could have my sons back to back and be a Full-Time-Mother?? Don’t let the shaved head & Tattoos fool you, he’s a Brilliant man, college graduate with 2 degrees and an amazing entrepreneur. Some people are irreplaceable & I’d never replace you! Most importantly if I lost it all I’d still be rich. Thank you for you & for my babies :) @persian_tattooed_kitty Just wanted to show some appreciation????

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Brittanya's early love life was as rough as her childhood. But eventually, later in her life, Brittanya found the love of her life, Lucky Moe Razavi. Lucky is an entrepreneur and CEO at Digital Media & Entertainment Group.

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Brittanya O'Campo's Relationship with Lucky More Razavi: Thier Children

Brittanya, and her better-half dated for some time before they stepped into the wedding thing. And that's when Brittanya O'Campo changed her name to Brittanya Razavi.

The details about the pair's wedding haven't been released. What is known of their relationship is that Brittanya and her husband Lucky have two children, sons, namely Cash Razavi and Legend Razavi. The family of four currently lives in Murrieta, California.

Brittanya who has 11.6 million followers on her Instagram, often displays her family on her Instagram.

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Legend is always so violent lol..

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Brittanya seems to have found a perfect family, finally, after a rough childhood and unsuccessful relationships. One deserves lots of love, for sure.

Brittanya O'Campo's Past Affair

Lucky Brittanya in her 20s dated actor Nico Vasquez, however, their relationship didn't prove to be a material thing and the pair eventually broke up.

Vasquez is an actor known for movies like I Love New York (2007), I Love Money (2008) and Brimstone Celebrity Roast (2010). 

Also, find out.

Brittanya O'Campo's Career & Net Worth in 2018

Brittanya, born on July 7, 1985, in Oxnard, California, is one of the well known female entrepreneur, and TV personality of the recent time. Brittanya started from the very bottom and is at the Everest of success on today's date.

After a rough childhood, Brittanya had a long journey to become the person she is today. At one time she had to work in the adult industry as well.

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Heart attack on aisle 10

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Brittanya first gained recognition on social media platforms. Brittanya's virtual popularity landed her an appearance in reality TV shows, Rock of Love Bus and Charm School: 3 on VH1. Brittanya's TV debut fetched her spot on the cover page of several magazines, including MMA Sports Magazine.

Meanwhile, Brittanya shot to fame and earned a huge net worth after joining a multimillion-dollar media company, Lucky Kings, Inc.

Later, she was offered by several magazines for modeling. Today, Brittanya is actively involved in the real estate, social media marketing, and several brands as ambassador. Brittanya works as a fashion designer and CEO of 187 Clothing.

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Just Like Milk??

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With incomes from real estate, modeling and a big chunk from 187 Clothing, Brittanya enjoys a huge net worth of $6 million, as of 2018. In the years to come, Brittanya's net worth is certain to pick up the pace, given her outgrowing popularity in the industry.