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Home Gossip New York Yankees' Outfielder Aaron Judge Is Dating Someone-Who Is His Girlfriend? 

New York Yankees' Outfielder Aaron Judge Is Dating Someone-Who Is His Girlfriend? 

Sayuri Wed Dec, 2018
New York Yankees' Outfielder Aaron Judge Is Dating Someone-Who Is His Girlfriend? 

Aaron James Judge, an American professional baseball outfielder for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, was unanimously selected as the American League Rookie of the Year in 2017 and finished second. A star in the field has been successful to make a place in the baseball world but what about his personal life?    

The handsome star has always left fans curious about his love life, but currently, if we believe the sources, he is in a relationship. Who is his new girlfriend? We have all the details here. 

Baseballer Aaron Judge Is Dating Someone-Who Is His Girlfriend?   

Although Judge prefers to keep his relationships away from the prying eyes of the media and the public, we have found some interesting in the young star's love life. He was spotted with a beautiful lady on December 7, 2018.

CAPTION: Aaron Judge and Britt Hodges

SOURCE: Terezowens

The girl is recognized as Britt Hodges and she's been hanging out with Judge in New York since she attended the Blue Jays-Yankees game on December 6, 2018. 

CAPTION: Britt Hodges

SOURCE: Sports Gossip

According to some unknown sources, the pair spent the day hanging out, with Judge showing her around the city. The couple also visited Rockefeller Center and the Grand Central Terminal. She didn't make an appearance at December 8's game but did make one later that night at Judge's apartment.

CAPTION: Aaron Judge and his alleged girlfriend Britt Hodges back in high school
SOURCE: Sports Gossip

Some sources have revealed that Aaron and Britt have known each other for years, going back to high school, but are ready to take the friendship to the next level. 

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Aaron Judge's Past Affairs

Aaron Judge used to date Jen Flaum, a New Jersey native, who regularly attended Yankees games. They were first spotted together at the US Open. There were some initial questions as to whether or not the two were dating. 


 CAPTION: Aaron Judge and Jen Flaum

SOURCE: New York Times

But does a pro athlete have time to be just friends with an insanely gorgeous young woman and take her to an expensive sports match unless he considers it a date? Seems unlikely. 

The initial media attention Jen received from The New York Post. Her most famous reference to Aaron Judge came from a social media post from a Yankees game. Flaum said she had 99 problems but a Judge wasn’t one.         

CAPTION: Jen Flaum's Instagram post

SOURCE: Sports Gossip

Multiple sources confirmed that Judge and Flaum went their separate ways in November 2017.

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